• I am Mr. Sarisky and I will be your Algebra II Honors and Precalculus Honors teacher this year.  The Algebra II Honors syllabus can be found here.  The Precalculus Honors syllabus can be found here.  Google Classroom will be used to keep students and parents informed on all announcements, assignments, notes, and anything else you may need to be successful in my class.  Please join the appropriate Google Classroom using the following codes.


    Google Classroom Registration Codes

    Period 1 (Precalculus Honors): m2tac2

    Period 2 (Precalculus Honors): 2rxx9r

    Period 3 (Algebra 2 Honors): 6jcdg5i

    Period 4 (Algebra 2 Honors): andrap3

    Period 5 (Algebra 2 Honors): f6vvjy

    Period 6 (Algebra 2 Honors): 3xr6gzz


    Khan Academy Registration Codes (Precalculus Only)

    Period 1 (Precalculus Honors): S9A54FS9

    Period 2 (Precalculus Honors): JHVG72NE


    Office Hours

    When: ALPHA Time - Second Half

    Where: Room 8-002C