• I am Mr. Sarisky and I will be your Algebra II Honors and Pre-Calculus Honors teacher this year.  Google Classroom will be used to keep students and parents informed on all announcements, assignments, notes, and anything else you may need to be successful in my class.  Please join the appropriate Google Classroom using the following codes.


    Google Classroom Registration Codes

    Period 1 (Pre-Calculus Honors): ch1gu2

    Period 2 (Pre-Calculus Honors): k3sb4dl

    Period 3 (Algebra 2 Honors): e9dvt48

    Period 4 (Algebra 2 Honors): 01w578i

    Period 5 (Algebra 2 Honors): j6hpv8b

    Period 6 (Algebra 2 Honors): 5oojlp


    If you would like to receive text notifications through Remind.com please use the following codes to register.


    Remind.com Registration Codes

    Period 1 (Pre-Calculus Honors): 642aea

    Period 2 (Pre-Calculus Honors): gcba7kh

    Period 3 (Algebra 2 Honors): e4364k

    Period 4 (Algebra 2 Honors): 2g4ga4

    Period 5 (Algebra 2 Honors): dk27c6

    Period 6 (Algebra 2 Honors): 39kb86


    Office Hours

    Mr. Sarisky
    Monday - Wednesday (12:30-12:55 in Room 8-002C)
    Thursday - Friday (12:34-1:00 in Room 8-002C)


    Mrs. Mullin (Algebra II)
    Monday - Wednesday (11:10-11:35 in Room 5-231)
    Thursday - Friday (10:59-11:24 in Room 5-231)


    Mrs. Williams (Algebra II)
    Monday - Wednesday (11:10-11:35 in Room 5-230)
    Thursday - Friday (10:59-11:24 in Room 5-230)


    Mr. Kowalski (Precalculus)
    Monday - Wednesday (11:10-11:35 in Room 5-105)
    Thursday - Friday (10:59-11:24 in Room 5-105)