Information Technology is the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information.





     I would like to Virtually Welcome you back from our extended break...


     Below you will find the Classroom Syllabus, with information regarding the class, and expectations for your school year.... 



    Class Syllabus


    Technical Support Services 9001410/20/30/40


    Semester:                              Fall 2020

    Teacher:                                 Donald Ray

    Room:                                    11-002

    Phone:                                   (352) 671-4765 x 50031                    

    Instructor E-mail:                 Donald.Ray@marion.k12.fl.us




    Course Description


    The course is designed to be a complete, step-by-step approach for learning the fundamentals of supporting and troubleshooting computer hardware and software. The topics covered are the basic skills required of any IT professional today and the foundation for the other courses in the IT Academy. Students will be encouraged to study and prepare for many certification exams, including, but not limited to Microsoft Office, MTA Windows Fundamentals, Comptia A +, Comptia IT Fundamentals exams before completion of this course.  


    This course will use a combination of lectures provided by the instructor and IT business partners, demonstrations, and hands-on activities with various operating system software and PC hardware components.  Hands-on activities will involve both individual and team activities. Students will be expected to research as well as take advantage of the multitude of resources at their hands, participate in class discussions, lab assignments, complete homework assignments, and study for quizzes and tests. Additional materials to study for certification exams will be provided. Students need to plan adequate study time to be successful on these exams, as they are professional nationwide industry certifications. Students also will be provided opportunities to troubleshoot and refurbish PC’s. Students will be evaluated via quizzes, tests, homework completion, and demonstrating various basic skills required by a computer professional.


    Certification exams will be taken at the MTI Testing Center, on our campus. Cost of exam is included in the course.


    Throughout the course we will be using the Microsoft TEAMS platform. This is an excellent resource for whether in class, or involved in distance learning. Throughout the class, I will be posting assignments and information needed through our Microsoft TEAMS platform.


    In our class, we use a system called GMETRIX to practice, and prepare for industry certifications. This is a free download, and is available to be worked on from home, or anywhere an internet connection is available.


    I will be contacting parents not only with points of concern, but at moments of achievement. I will make this effort via phone contact, as well email. For this reason, it is very important that the school, and I, as your teacher, have the most up to date contact information available.


    Students and parents are welcome to contact me with any questions regarding assignments, assessments, or expectations. I can be reached at (352) 671-4765 extension 50031 or Donald.ray@marion.k12.fl.us.


    Students that require individual assistance or further help with class may contact me via email, phone, or schedule an appointment during my planning period from 11:35 to 12:40 Monday through Friday.  



    Specific topic coverage includes:

    • Hardware
    • Operating Systems
    • PC Repair Fundamentals
    • Form Factors and Power Supplies
    • Processors and Chipsets
    • Motherboards
    • Upgrading Memory
    • Hard Drives
    • Installing and Supporting I/O Devices
    • Multimedia Devices and Mass Storage
    • Installing Windows 7/10
    • Maintaining Windows 7/10
    • Supporting Windows 7/10 Users and Their Data
    • Troubleshooting Windows 7/10 Startup
    • Problem Solving/Decision Making
    • Supporting Windows XP, Android and Apple
    • PCs on a Network/Internet
    • Mobility and Devices
    • Securing your PC and LAN
    • Notebooks, Tablet PCs, and PDAs
    • Supporting Printers and Scanners
    • Teamwork/Team Building
    • Network Setup
    • Network Troubleshooting 

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in the following if all requirements are met:

    • Skills USA
    • Mock Job Interviews
    • Internships
    • Workplace skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and technology use.
    • MTA Windows 10 Fundamentals Certification
    • Microsoft Office Suite Certifications
    • Comptia A +, Comptia ITF+
    • College Course Credits



    Assignments will be communicated verbally to students during class time. Assignments will also be posted on the class Microsoft TEAMS platform. This can be accessed through their desktop portal and Office 365. Special information will be posted on my teacher website at https://www.marionschools.net/Page/70196.


    Questions regarding assignments and expectations should be brought to the attention of the teacher either in class or via email Donald.ray@marion.k12.fl.us .


    Homework should be typed using full sentences with double spacing between questions. Use a header with your name, class periods, date and topic. Staple multiple pages together in the correct order. **I am not a grammar hound, however, a basic grasp of functional writing is expected.


    Before any hands on activities take place, students will work through safety understanding, and commit to an assessment to verify their understanding of SAFETY in a technology based work place.




     Each assignment, lab activity, homework, notebook, workplace skills, professional ethics, class participation and attendance, and quizzes will be assigned a point total. Grades will be based on the percentage weight of each category. Total points for the course will be based on number of assignments, activities, quizzes, etc that are provided throughout the semester.

     It is the responsibility of the student to get their assignments from the teacher if absent. If a test was missed due to an absence, the student should make arrangements with the teacher to make up the test outside of regular class time.  The teacher will provide a due date for the missed work. Students will receive full credit for work that is appropriately completed and submitted within a timely return from absence.

    Tardy Policy:  If late for class, you will be marked tardy (lose points) if you arrive within the first 10 minutes. Per school policy, after that time, you must go to attendance to obtain a “tardy pass”. On the third tardy, a phone contact will be made with the parent, and a fourth will result in the student receiving a referral.  Subsequent tardiness will require a parent conference.


    Class Schedule:  We meet Monday-Friday Morning: 7:35-9:25 Afternoon: 1:15-3:00 in room 11-002.

    Academy classes are 2 (two) fifty-minute periods per day. That means a semester here is equal to a full year of material. The days go by very quickly, therefore, attendance and completion of work on-time is critical for success.

    My general philosophy regarding conduct is all about RESPECT. I believe that if we show each other respect, show the classroom equipment RESPECT, and give the proper RESPECT to the information we are learning, then we can all have a very productive year.

    Policies and Procedures

    • Computer Lab (Classroom)
      1. There will be no running at any time in any area of the lab
      2. The Lab will always be kept neat and tidy .
        • No food is allowed in the lab at any time.
        • Students may have a reusable water bottle in the lab, as long as it has a sealable lid to prevent spills.
        • Coffee, soft drinks, juice, milk or any beverage other than plain water (no drink additives) is strictly prohibited at any time in the lab
        • Chairs will be pushed in under tables when not in use. 
    • Restroom
      1. Students have use of the restroom located in the classroom.
      2. Use of this restroom is a privilege.
      3. Only one student may enter the restroom at a time, regardless of gender.
      4. The restroom must always be kept neat and tidy.
      5. Female students will place all hygiene product waste in the provided receptacle. Do not flush these items.
      6. Students failing to maintain cleanliness or failure to follow any of these rules will result in loss of use of this restroom.
      7. Students losing the privilege to use this restroom will use the closest student restroom outside of the lab. 
    • Beginning of Class
      1. Morning students may eat breakfast and afternoon students may eat lunch in the small classroom for the first 3-5 minutes of class while we prepare for the day.
      2. Students will clean up all food and beverage mess from the area at the conclusion of their meal.
      3. All students will report to classroom no later than 5 minutes after the starting bell.
      4. First five to ten minutes of class, there will be a prompt on the screens at the front of the room. Students should be prepared to discuss interactively the topic at hand. 
    • Hall Passes
      1. Any time a student needs to leave the classroom they will take the designated hall pass.
      2. Students must use the most direct route to travel from the classroom to their destination and back again. 
    • Cell Phones
      1. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited at any time in the lab
      2. Due to the speed of the class, and the safety of the students, it is paramount students always direct their focus to the lessons being taught.
      3. On occasion, students may use their cell phones for photos during activities. This will be assignment specific, and only upon direct permission from the teacher.
      4. Violations of the cell phone policy are as follows:
        • First Offense – verbal warning
        • Second Offense – cell phone taken away and contact parent
        • Third Offense – cell phone taken away, referral, and contact parent 
    • Dress Code
      1. Dress Code in general follows Marion County guidelines, however, below are some specifics for this program. 
    1. In the Classroom
      • On activity days, students must wear closed toe shoes for safety. Shoes such as flip-flops, slides, sandals, Crocs, and slip-on shoes may not be worn during practical exercises. If a student cannot change to an appropriate shoe they will not participate in that exercise and will be given an alternate assignment from our written textbook.
      • MTI uniform shirts are required for special activities, which include, but not limited to, guest speakers, field trips, and other particular school activities. Students will be notified when to wear this.
      • Hats/Hoodies are not permitted at any time on MTI campus. If you normally wear a hat, please leave it in your vehicle, backpack, somewhere it will not be seen or tempted to be worn. (It will be taken away and held for parent retrieval)
        • **During cold winter days, beanies, and hoodies will be acceptable outside of the classroom at the discretion of school admin. 
    1. Field Trips / Extracurricular events
      • MTI or program shirt is required.
      • Black or khaki pants - slacks are preferred. Skirts, dresses, shorts, or short pants are not acceptable.
      • Closed-toe shoes. Dress shoes or boots are preferable; however, clean black sneakers are acceptable. Flip-flops, Crocs, sandals, and slip-on shoes are not acceptable.
      • Shirts will be tucked in.
      • Hair will be neat and tidy.
      • Any student not meeting the dress code for a field trip or event will not be permitted to attend.
      • Students will project a professional image while representing the program. 
    • Conduct
      1. Students will always conduct themselves in a professional manner.
      2. Students are expected to work as a team, motivate each other, assist each other, and maintain a positive attitude.
      3. Bullying, harassment of any kind, and unwanted physical contact is strictly prohibited.
        1. First Offense – verbal warning
        2. Second Offense – verbal warning and contact parent
        3. .Third Offense – referral, removal from the classroom, and contact parent
    1. Students will be courteous to classmates, guests, instructors, staff, and administrators always.
    2. Profanity, racist, sexist, or any other form of derogatory language is prohibited.
      1. Working with Technology, and Electrical equipment requires your attention.
      2. Safety during activities is nonnegotiable.
      3. Horseplay, at any time, is strictly prohibited.
      4. Penalties for violations of the established safety procedures will be as follows:
        • First Offense – Verbal warning
        • Second Offense – Removal from activity, parent contact
        • Third Offense – Removal from activity, referral and parent contact 


    • 3-ring binder notebook or 3 section notebook
    • Pencil or pen, paper
    • USB drive 



    If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to visit our classroom, schedule a conference, or volunteer to help out, you can contact me at 352-671-4765 extension 50031, or email Donald.ray@marion.k12.fl.us. 

    The skills and information covered in this course are extremely valuable and will assist in preparing you for your employment, or education opportunities in your future.  I look forward to hopefully helping you reach your future goals! The Information Technology field is exciting, challenging and ever changing. I’m glad you have chosen to be a problem solver for the future.  Welcome to MTI’s Information Technology Program! Challenge Yourself!

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