COVID-19 District Homeschool Information



     I would like to virtually welcome you back from our extended break...We will be working through the next few weeks a little differently than we have in the past.

    I'm sure you have plenty of questions, and I hope is to answer them the best I can. If I don't know the answer I will do research and get back to you.


    1. How will we communicate?

    I will not be on campus. Students are not to come to campus until notified by the school district .    


     I will be posting announcements in Google Classroom. Please be sure to pay specific attention to any information coming from the district offices. Click on the 

    COVID-19 District Homeschool Information link for updated information.


         If you have any questions, I will be available via Google Voice at 352-462-3315 or via email. My email address is:




     I will also be available to communicate via Google Voice, email, or Zoom conference from 10AM to 11AM and 2PM to 3PM Monday through Friday. (Zoom does require you download an app on your mobile device https://zoom.us/download) 


    Please email me, and we can set up an appointment to talk during these times. 

    2. Attendance

    Starting Wednesday April 1st...  


    Students are to log into Google Classroom (through the MCPS Desktop) daily and add a substantive comment on the question of the day.


    Students may not repeat information on subsequent days. Each day requires a new comment. 


    Each week students will receive a 10 point participation grade, 2 pts for each day they respond.


    3. How will I get assignments?

    Starting Wednesday April 1st...

    See the Virtual School Assignments page to the left on this site for assignment information. Project information will also be posted on Google Classroom. 

    Be safe, and please contact me with any questions or concerns...



    LEAD Endorsed Gold



    MTI First Responder Logo




    Principles of Public Service


    Emergency Medical Responder

    911 Telecommunications


    First Responder students at the Florida State Fire College.   KSC Tour


    Welcome to the First Responder program!

    In our program First Responder students will receive training in the basics of firefighting, emergency medical services, and 911 Telecommunications. In our Principles of Public Service course, we introduce students to a wide array of public service professions. Public safety careers are team oriented. We help students build a foundation of teamwork, engagement, and leadership, while instilling a safety-focused mindset. 

    The First Responder program is a two-year program at MTI, including four one-semester courses. In their junior year, students may apply to the Career Academy for the discipline they would like to pursue. They will have the opportunity to earn their certifications for EMT I and Firefighter I, or 911 Telecommunicator.

    At MTI, students will be working with the tools and equipment utilized in each field. They will learn how to use, service, and maintain the equipment to better prepare themselves for their certification courses. This will include ladders, hoses, bunker gear, bandages, splints, computers, apparatus, and much more. Our program operates a fire engine and ambulance to enhance student learning through realistic evolutions.

     Fire extinguisher training at the Florida State Fire College   VPK Tour


    This course would not be possible without the generous assistance of the Florida State Fire College, Marion County Fire Rescue, Ocala Fire Rescue, Marion County Public Safety, Ocala Police Department, and the Marion County Sheriff's Office. Each of these organizations provide equipment, personnel, and instructors to assist with student training.

     EMR Students   OFR Engine 1

    Again, public safety is all about teamwork. Public safety is also about giving back to the community. Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to participate in community events in Ocala and Marion County to show our support for the citizens of our community.

    2018 September 11 Memorial at Veterans Memorial Park  Magnet Expo

    Parents, if you have questions please contact me any time. My contact information is on my “Meet the Teacher” page. I also encourage everyone to look at the information provided on all of the First Responder web pages.

    Thank you for joining us here at MTI. I look forward to a productive and exciting year!

    Chief Rick Rifley

    Follow us on Twitter! @FirstMTI 


    The National 9/11 Memorial Flag

    The National 9/11 Memorial Flag