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  • I am Ms. Kingcade and am very excited to launch this school year with your child! On my site you will find information on the topics we are covering in class along with worksheets used in class to support those topics. You will also find any assignments that are due.  The class calendar which include dates for assignments and other class activities can also be found on my site. 

    Computer Applications and Digital Information Technology prepare students for a variety of jobs, including basic jobs such as data entry all the way up to more advanced positions such as graphics designer and Web designer. This class may be intensive at the beginning, but I aim to make it easy for the students to understand and fun for them to learn.  The topics that we will cover range from understanding how to sit properly at a computer to learning how to calculate in Microsoft Excel.  Students will be able to demonstrate multiply computer task to help them understand the material.  

    Please communicate with me via email at: 



    Period 1 - Computer Applications in Business 1

    Period 2 - Digital Information Technology

    Period 3 - Computer Applications in Business 1

    Period 4 - Computer Applications in Business 1

    Period 5 - Computer Applications in Business 2

    Period 6- Computer Applications in Business 1



Virtual Learning



    Applied Educational Systems (AES) 


    Computer Applications 1: Applied Educational Systems (AES)

    • Written Communication Module                                                                         (DUE May 27, 2020)




    Computer Applications 2: Applied Educational Systems (AES)

    • Email & Electronic Calndars Module                                                                      (DUE May 27, 2020)



    Digital Information Tehnology (DIT): Applied Educational Systems (AES)

    • Email & Electronic Calendars Module                                                             (DUE May 27, 2020)
    • Code for this classroom to signup: 4F4PZ  (if you haven't signed up already) DIT students ONLY




    PHONE @ 321-999-6683

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Virtual Learning Instructions

  • Virtual Learning Discussion

    Posted by: Felita Kingcade

    Hello future business leaders,


    The assignments in our class will come directly from (Applied Educational Systems) A.E.S. You are already familiar with this program as you were working on it in class. Please access the A.E.S. site (, sign in, and continue working on your lessons. Remember: you will need to complete the module you're working on before you can move on to the next. You will have one module due each Wednesday. The assignments due are posted in the Virtual Learning Tab on my website homepage. 


    Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone @ 321-999-6683 if you have any questions. 


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Be Accountable

  • Be Accountable

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    Remember to be accountable and take ownership for your learning. Stay positive and use your time wisely as you dedicate time for each class. All classes count! If you do not submit an assignment your grade will reflect as such. 


    Keep dilgently working and do your absolute best. 



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