• 7th Grade Intensive Math (Periods 1 - 6)

    6th Grade Math (Periods 1 & 3)

  • (see end of page for internet access help)    (as of 9 2:30pm, 3/31/2020)

    Hello Students!                                                                                                                                          


    I hope you are all safe, healthy, and excited to start on this new adventure! We will start with online lessons for all classes on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. Please note that we WILL BE TAKING ATTENDANCE and I will be checking the assignment in Google Classroom to record your attendance for the day, please try to do by 3:30pm.  Assignments for the week will generally be due by Sunday evening at 11:59pm. I will also do my best to help you with your other 7th grade math class work, so hopefully we will all get through what we need to do with a minimum amount of anxiety and a maximum amount of learning. No worries!!! Click on the appropriate class page in the left side to see what the schedule for the week is. Please note: We are required to take attendance every day, there is an assignment in Google Classroom that I will be using for this purpose.


    We will be working in Google Classroom to submit work, Moby Max to do work, Quizlet to keep up with vocabulary, and most likely, the online math book to supplement what is being done in the math classes during the 4th quarter. I am also nearly certain that one of the first things we will need to complete next week is a growth monitoring assessment in iReady.


    HUGE SHOUT OUT to my six students that worked in Moby Max this week without being prompted - I am SO PROUD of you!!!

    Several of you have emailed and I have responded to all messages that I've received. Remember, you can email me through your school email at Kimberly.Hubbard@Marion.k12.fl.us or via Google Classroom. My Google Voice Number is 352-405-2610, but email should be the first form of contact


    Moby Max reminders:

    • Website:   https://www.mobymax.com/signin
    • You sign in as a 'Student', look at the top of the screen to be sure that is selected
    • Our school code is fl1495 or you can just type in "Fort King" and it should pull up our middle school
    • You sign in with the same username and password that you use to sign in to your desktop