• 7th Grade Intensive Math

  • Supplies: If possible, please have a pocket folder with the brads down the middle to hold three-hole punched notes.

    **NEW: Please consider getting your student his/her own earbuds - the earbuds will make iReady much more productive.

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  • Week of September 17-21, 2018 

    Progress Reports were sent out last Friday night to all families that have an email address in Skyward. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enter an email address into Skyward so that we can send these directly to your email. The majority of the students are doing very well keeping track of their workload each week and doing iReady, however there are still several stuents that need to:

     - taken advantage of doing quiz corrections

     - submitted the Integer Worksheet (a "Flower")

    These will still be accepted for credit if they are turned in by the end of the day Wednesday, 9/19.

    Update: As of 5:45pm on Tuesday, ALL papers in my possession are graded and in Skyward. If it's not in Skyward, it has NOT been turned in.


    REMINDER: Students are required to spend 45 minutes per week on iReady lessons. Last week was the first week that it went in the gradebook and 70% of the students reached or exceeded that goal. Please encourage them to make this happen. Our "week" for iReady runs from Monday - Sunday and these lessons can be worked on from home if needed. Monday and Friday we have a minimum of 30 minutes dedicated to iReady time, so there isn't a need to work at home if students are on-task in the classroom.


    I have purchased earbuds for all of my students. If students are using earbuds that I purchased, I am requiring them to leave them in the math folder here in the room. As always, students are free to use his/her own earbuds and can then take them with them when they leave the room.


    This is our tentative schedule for this week:

    • Monday - 9/17
      • Review last Friday's Quiz
      • Order of Operations
      • iReady Lessons
    • Tuesday - 9/18
      • Integer Maze
      • Integer Puzzles
    • Wednesday - 9/19
      • Last day to turn in the following:
        • Quiz #1 Corrections
        • Integer Worksheet #1 (Flower)
      • Integer Maze
      • Integer Puzzles
    • Thursday - 9/20
      • Integer Maze
      • Integer Puzzles
      • iReady when finished with work
    • Friday - 9/21
      • QUIZ #2 
        • Integers - All 4 Operations
        • 4 PEMDAS problems
      • Finish any outstanding classwork
      • iReady Lessons 

    If you have any questions, please let me know as soon as possible and I will try to help. 


    Mrs. Hubbard