• Hi I'm Coach Fettig.  I am your student's Physical Education Instructor.  What a pleasure to have your student in my class and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know your child.  We have had a fantastic school year  filled with lots of fun.  I know this is a uncertain time, with many questions and concerns.  I promise we will get through this time together.  This webpage is your one stop shop for all things PE and google classroom :)   I will be available Monday through Friday 11am-12pm and 2pm-3pm to answer phone calls and emails. You can email me at Paula.Fettig@Marion.k12.fl.us .  I'm still learning all the features available on this site.  So Stay Tuned  P.S  Stay Safe and Be Careful <3 .  Take Care of Yourselves and Each other ! I Miss seeing your smiling faces. :) Student's remember make sure your using your own Marion Student account from your account go to right side of page add another account and put in your class code from there there's a button at bottom turn in your assignments. Sign up for Google Classroom by Friday April 3, 2020 first assignment and points is signing up for google classroom using your period code for your class.

    Please Sign up for Google Classroom using your class code :

              1ST PERIOD: NZjdnh7         

        2ND PERIOD:  n7huuqe 

      3RD PERIOD:  uliqre 6

    4TH PERIOD: qfnosj6

       5TH PERIOD:Sqn6mv3

                       6TH PERIOD:3x6nv2j                 


    Indiana University Men's Basketball Team