• Parents and students.  Zoom was not letting me log in and open the classroom.  I will send an invite tomorrow for a Wednesday meeting at 10 or 1.  If you are unable to attend, it will be recorded for review.  I appreciate everyone being fluid in attempting our distant learning.

    My platform is google classrooms.  You child can find this when they log into the portal.  My classroom ID is yuic5lj.  All assignments are posted on there and due every Wednesday.  Please email me if you do not have the code to enter my class.  I am going to take it off this page for security purposes.  I appreciate your understanding.   - Miss B

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  • Pleease read below for step by step guidance


    • To complete assignments in Khan Academy, students MUST log in to Khan Academy using their student emailInstructions for logging in to Khan Academy are as follows:   
    • If students are using a computer to log into Khan Academy, they must first check to see that they are logged in to their Google Chrome web browser using their student email and portal password.  
    • Note: if students do NOT first log in to their chrome browser with their own student email and password, they will likely have difficulty logging into Khan Academy to view and complete assignments. Please reach out for assistance if you are having difficulty with this step.   
    • Note: every student has a student email provided by Marion County Public Schools. Student email addresses usually follows the convention firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net
    • Informational Note: even though the student email extension is @marionstudents.net, this email is still a google email. 
    • The Khan Academy website can be found at https://www.khanacademy.org/ 
    • Students will click Login, then choose the “Continue with Google” option. Students will type in their student email address and Marion County Public Schools portal password.  
    • If students are using a phone or tablet for Khan Academy, they may download the Khan Academy app and follow the same instructions listed above, by logging in using the “Continue with Google” option.  
    • Remember to check the Google Classroom for assignment requirements and due dates..  
    • Contact me with any difficulties with logging in to Khan Academy.  
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  • Parents and students....thank you all for your patience.  If your work is in by today by midnight you will get 5 points extra credit.  HOWEVER I HAVE EXTENDED THE DUE DATE TO MONDAY  9/13.  This will not change next week's deadline of Wednesday 9/15 for this week's assignments.   Both scored and read/seen items will account for your grade.  Starting next week, your weekly grade will include your participation in our Monday zoom times at 10 or 1.  If you are unable to attend you need to email me and watch the recorded version.  I am learning this with you so just keep me posted and I will be as flexible as possible.  Miss you all!!!

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  • UPDATE : Zoom is only on Monday. Starting next week you need to show up for attendance. Times are 10:00-10:30am and 1-1:30 pm. If you have no questions or concerns just log in and log out (but it would be nice to say hello). If you are having issues and cannot log in just email me. We are all working together to keep ourselves educated and ready for 7th grade. I miss you guys and look forward to a zoom meeting on Monday.

    If you are having any problems or questions, email me and I can set up a private zoom 10am or 1pm. I would love to help alleviate any stress!!

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  • Welcome to Miss Bradshaw's virtual classroom.  This will be an exciting endavor you all of us.  Please be patient as this old dog learns some new tricks.  I will be using Google Classroom as my format.  The following will be my online hours.  10-11am and 1-2pm.  Feel free to email me with any questions erica.bradshaw@marion.k12.fl.us.  


    Further note that my remind.com app is not working so all information will need to be through email and will be returned within 24 hours. 

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