20 Book Challenge

  • 20 Book Challenge      

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     What is the 20 Book Challenge?

    It's a school-wide reading program to encourage ALL STUDENTS, PARENTS, and TEACHERS to read a variety of books and explore new genres.  The ultimate goal is to see our students develop a life long love of reading.

    How does it work?

    There are 20 categories on the 20 Book Challenge List.  Read a least one book from each category throughout the school year.  Read for a minimum of 20 minutes every day.  When you finish a book, fill out the online form to receive credit for your reading.

    What about this year's SSYRA books?

    If you want to read the SSYRA books, you may substitue them for catategories of your choice.  Just select current SSYRA book when entertering book category.

    Where can I find the 20 Book Challenge Form?

    Click on this link: 20 Book Challenge Form.  Please log into Google with your MCPS username and password to access the form.

    How can I track my progress?

    Keep a copy of the challenge list in your binder to mark what you've read.  Mrs. Quaid will also keep track.

    Why should I accept the challenge?

    The more you read, the better reader you become.  Students who read more have larger vocabularies, expanded world knowledge, and academic success!


    Please join our challenge!  One of the ways that you can help your student is by being a model reader.  Talk to your student about what they are reading; ask for book recommendations; visit the public library; make sure your student is reading every day; and show your student that you are excited about books and reading.

    20 Book Challenge List  

    Click here for a copy to print and keep in your student binder.


    • A book published in the last two years
    • A book published before 2000
    • A book set in another country
    • A book with non-human characters
    • A book that starts with the first letter of your name
    • A nonfiction book
    • The first book in a series
    • A book that won an award
    • A book that has been banned or challenged
    • A book recommended by a friend or teacher
    • A book that takes place in the past
    • A graphic novel
    • A current SSYRA book
    • An older SSYRA book
    • A biography
    • A book written in verse or a book of poetry
    • A book with a one-word title
    • A realistic fiction book
    • A book you chose because of its cover
    • A book that was made into a movie



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