• Frequently Asked Questions  This page will answer questions commonly asked by students and parents. 

    Why does the gradebook only say 95% when I got a 100% on the test?

    • All grades in my class are scored with letter grades... A, B, C, D, or F.  Unfortunately, the computer cannot accurately average letters so the numerical grades of 95, 85, 75, 65, 55, and 0 (for missing work) are used.  So, whether you answered 90% of the questions correct or 100% of the questions correct, you earned an "A" on that test.

    I am unhappy with the grade I received on an assignment. What can I do about that?

    • Tests and quizzes may be retaken once within one week of the original to try and improve the grade.  Projects, binders, and packets can be resubmitted once within one week of the due date, but each day the highest possible grade is reduced.  Computer-based assignments can be redone as many times as necessary to earn the desired grade, but must still be submitted by the set due date.  Paper-based assignment grades are based on effort as well as accuracy, so they cannot be resubmitted.

    I was absent today. How can I get my work?

    • It's all right here on my website. A list of current as well as past due notes and assignments is provided. Of course, it's not as good as being here and taking your own notes. Students without internet access can request a printout, which they will be given within 24 hours.

    What is your cheating policy?

    • Zero tolerance. I take the testing environment seriously. I don't have the wisdom to tell cheating from conversation, and fortunately, I don't have to - no talking or texting of any kind is permitted during testing. Any student who turns around in his/her chair or makes a sound, gesture, or eye contact with another student or is seen on their phone is presumed to be cheating and will be given a zero (or the lowest possible score) for the assessment. Be silent, keep your eyes on your own paper and your phone put away during quizzes, tests, and exams, and you won't have any problems.
    • Similarly, a student with an answer that is suspiciously similar to the wrong answer of an adjacent student will be given a zero. 
    • Additionally, copying = cheating, even for assignments.  It does not matter which student copied and which student allowed it, both are considered cheating.

    Do you assign homework?

    • Yes, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  You can see a list of ALL assignments on the "NOTES" pages for your class.

    Do you accept late work?

    • Yes! Most classwork and homework assignments that are turned in past the due date (up to one week late) will receive a grade of "F." This beats a grade of "0" for failing to turn in anything. 
    • Projects, binders, and packets have a late penalty of 1 letter grade per day late (up to one week). 
    • After one week, the grade will remain a "0."

    Your grade book says I didn't turn in my assignment, but I did! I really did!

    • Did you put your name on it? I am a teacher, not a forensic handwriting analyst. Assignments with no name will be kept in a folder labeled by class period near the proper turn-in place in the classroom in hopes of being claimed for proper credit. If you care about your assignment, put your name on it. 
    • If you have the graded assignment, please bring it to me so that I can correct my mistake.

    How can we access our textbooks online?

    • The Algebra 2 textbook can be accessed via the Student Desktop (https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us). 
    • Sadly, MCR students cannot access their textbook online.

    Can I send you an assignment by email? My printer broke/ran out of ink/doesn't exist.

    • Yes, but it still must be submitted on time to receive full credit.