Gifted Cluster and Advanced Classrooms

  • South Ocala Elementary believes that ALL students achieve when the learning experience is personalized and intentionally planned to inspire, challenge, and motivate! We provide a uniquely designed educational experience to ensure that each student:


    1. Develops a solid foundation for a successful educational career.
    2. Fully participates in rigorous academic conversations focused on discovering more about the world and their place in it.
    3. Builds lasting relationships with intellectual peers, teachers, and other role models.
    4. Broadens a self-awareness that includes citizenship, positive social change, and personal accountability.


    As part of the Success at SOE experience, students learn and apply organizational skills, time management skills, and project-based learning. They are responsible for co-creating a plan for learning, maximizing the use of materials and resources in self-directed work, and using rubrics, guidelines, and other frameworks to self-evaluate their progress toward learning goals.

Curriculum Highlights

  • The students will master the grade level Florida Standards as well as the Gifted Standards. Students will receive individualized and accelerated instruction in each subject area. Gifted students at South Ocala will have access to Chromebook technology and fully engaged classrooms. 21st Century learning requires students to be able to collaborate, communicate, express creativity, and apply critical thinking.