• Purpose: To provide opportunity for students to receive academic remediation and acceleration to include but not limited to: Make-up tests/quizzes, tutoring, study time, interventions, guidance appointments, club meetings, college visits, 1st day procedures, class meetings and other academic purposes intended to enrich and maximize students time on the campus of Forest High School.



    • CAT period is for academic purposes only. You need to have a plan for studying or doing homework, or I will have you read or work on something for academic improvement.

    • You are not be allowed to socialize or treat CAT period as break time.

    • You are not be dismissed from CAT period without a CAT period pass from your academic teacher.

    • Once you have a CAT pass, you must remain in that classroom for the remainder of the CAT period.


    Need a CAT pass?

    If you need extra help or to make up an assignment, you must get your CAT pass before or after school. I will not provide CAT passes between classes. CAT passes will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis, and only 5 passes will be given for each CAT period. If you need a pass, make it a priority to come get one in the morning.