• Week of 4/30/18

    Monday/Tuesday Block. Topic: Maya. Finish the Maya lesson by reviewing last week's notes and outline. Then write a paragraph answer to the EQ. Then begin the lesson on the Aztec indians. EQ and vocabulary. No HW this week. (Just a note on homework. Almost none of the students turned in last week's homework, and many are still mising their Roman Empire poster projects. Please check the grades. If your child is missing homework, they may make it up, but not in class. I'm still working on grading the posters. I'll let you know when they're done, some time next week. If you want me to email you a grade report, let me know.) 

    Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Block. (Each class will meet for a total of 3 hours.)Finish Aztec notes. Complete SMART Board activities. Watch a Time Compass video on the Aztec. Take an open notebook test. Look at ruins of the Maya and Aztec in Google Earth.