• Roman eagle Week of 4/9/18

    Monday, 4/9. Topic: Rome: From Republic to Empire. This week we start Rome, Lesson 4. First we'll review last week's quiz answers. Then copy and discuss the essential questions and vocabulary for this week's lesson. 

    Tuesday, 4/10. Topic: The Roman Empire. Students will learn how Rome transitioned from a republic to an empire and who was the first emperor and how he was able take control of Rome. Students will complete a Question/Follow up question exercise to help them work through the section on how Rome became an Empire. HW: Republic to Empire outline notes, front side. Click here to download a fresh copy of the assignment

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: The Roman Empire. Students will begin creating a a timeline of the events that lead to the creation of the Roman Empire. Then they will be randomly assigned one of the 10 events to illustrate and explain. We will create a large illustrated timeline in the hallway. HW: Republic to Empire outline notes, back side

    Friday 4/13. Topic: The Roman Empire. We will review the outline that was to be completed for HW and then finish the week's activities.