• Rome Week of 4/2/18

    Monday, 4/2. Topic: Rome's government. First we will review Rome, Lesson 1 and 2. Then begin Rome, Lesson 3, Government and Society. Students will be starting the new lesson in their folders. No HW.

    Tuesday, 4/3/18. Topic: Rome's Government. I'll be taking students to the Book Fair. Then we will continue working through Rome, Lesson 3. Students will take notes on the different branched of Rome's government and comparing that to the branches of the US Government. HW: p. 307, #1a, 1b, 1c.

    Wednesday, 4/4/18. ER Day. Topic: Rome's Government. Students will work on a crossword puzzle that reviews Lesson 1 and 3. It is Early Release Day, so students will also be required to empty, clean, organize and repack their backpacks. HW: p. 307, #2a, 2b, 3a.

    Thursday, 4/5/18. Topic: Rome's Government. Students will finish our lesson on  Rome's Government.

    Friday, 4/6/18. Topic: Review and Quiz. Students will take a quiz on Google Classroom and finish their Christianity storyboards from last week if they are not already finished.