• Grad Bash Information

    1. Grad Bash takes place at Universal Studios in Orlando April 20th, 2018. 

    2.  We meet at FHS in the cafeteria @ 4:30pm and take charter buses to the event and back.  We will depart by 5 pm sharp and we will arrive back to FHS at about 4 am.  

    3. You must ride the bus there and back to attend the event.

    4.  Random alcohol screening will happen prior to boarding the buses.

    5.  You must have your ID to board the buses.


    6.  The dress for the Grad Bash is VERY specific and was issued by Universal.  Each child who purchased a ticket was handed a dress code at the time of purchase.  If you violate dress code, you will not be allowed to board the bus and no refunds will be issued. To view their website regarding dress code please visit: http://www.gradbash.com/form/GB18%20NEW%20Dress%20Code%20v2%20(002).pdf 

    7.  You must maintain your GPA, discipline, and absence records in order to attend.  If you do not maintain in these three areas, you will not be allowed to attend Grad Bash and NO REFUND will be issued.