Be a Reader


    be a reader



    Love to read!


    What can you and your child do every day this year that will help him/her be ready for school? Read! In addition to expanding your child's vocabulary and increasing his/her knowledge, reading is an activity he/she can enjoy throughout life. Here are some ways to encourage reading.


    Create a reading-friendly home

    Keep something to read in every room. You might put a basket of your youngster's favorite stories under a living room table, a box of magazines in the bathroom, and a stack of cookbooks on a kitchen counter. Everywhere your child goes, he/she will be able to pick up something to read.


    Be a reading family

    Regular reading at home will help your child. Set aside time each day to read to your youngster and for him to read on his own. Listen to your child read to you, and let him see you reading. Make sure family members have library cards - and take regular trips to get new books.


    Match books to your child

    Familiar topics and likeable characters can motivate your youngster to read. Ask a librarian or bookseller for suggestions.