• Welcome to Pre-K with Mrs. Michelle Moles & Ms. Stephanie Boisvert


    The experiences planned during January will focus on Winter.

     Areas of importance for the month are:

    • Changes in the weather
    • Clothing we wear in the Winter
    • How animals and plants prepare for the Winter


    Colors of the month

    White, shades of Blue

    Shape of the month


    Letters of the month

    Bb, Ww, Cc, Kk



    • Before, during & after reading-ask comprehension questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How)
    • Concepts of Print (reading left to right, front to back of book, letter & word identification)
    • Writing my first name


    • Sorting objects by color, shape, & size
    • Counting objects to 20
    • Patterns (red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue, etc…)


    • solid, liquid, gas states of water
    • freezing water and melting ice
    • winter

    Dramatic Play:

    Our Dramatic Play this month will be a hot drink and cookie cafe.  We will be pretending to make hot chocolate, coffee and tea.  We will be pretending to mix dough, roll out dough, cut out cookies, bake them, decorate them, then sell them in our Bakery. 

    Parents, you can help your child this month by:

    • Reading to your child every day.
    • Taking walks outside, observing and discussing the changes of the season.
    • Looking for things that are different shades of blue and white.
    • Pointing out things that begin with the letter(s) Ww, Bb, Cc, or Kk
    • Pointing out objects in the environment that have the Octagon shape. 
    • Talk about the shapes that you see in buildings and other objects in the environment.


    Please share any Winter activities that your family participates in.  We would love to learn and talk with students about your family’s trips to snowy destinations or learn about any Winter traditions your family has.  You can share by:

    • Writing a letter to the class
    • Sending a book for us to read aloud
    • Sharing photos of a snowy destination family trip or a family Winter tradition


    This is a list of items we could use for upcoming activities in the classroom.  If you would like to donate something, we would appreciate it!

    • Buttons
    • Packing peanuts
    • Plastic straws
    • Keys
    • Corks
    • Ream(s) of paper