• Welcome to Pre-K with Mrs. Michelle Moles & Ms. Stephanie Boisvert

    Our theme for the month is:  Authors and Illustrators

    The experiences planned during this month will focus on two people who have written and illustrated wonderful books for young children.  They are Rosemary Wells who has written the Max and Ruby series plus a number of other books, Eric Carle and Dr. Seuss.

    The colors of the month will be purple, white, and green.

    The shapes of the month will be octagon, hexagon, and pentagon.

    The letters of the month will be Cc, Kk, Vv, Zz, Qq, Bb.

    We love to have our families participate in our program.  Your participation helps your child feel important and valued.  Please send the following to school with your child:

    • Objects that begin with any of the letters we are working on this month for our sound board.
    • Alphabet books to be read in the sharing circles.
    • Any books written by Rosemary Wells, Eric Carle, or Dr. Seuss.

    Activities for you to do at home with your child:

    • Read every night to your child.
    • Point out letters you see in the environment. (i.e. T at the beginning of Target or P at the beginning of Publix)
    • Discuss the colors you see in the trees and animals. Take your child on a walk and talk about the colors that you see.
    • Talk about the shapes that you see in buildings and other objects in the environment.