• Welcome to Pre-K with Mrs. Michelle Moles & Ms. Stephanie Boisvert

    Marion County Public Schools implements a wonderful curriculum called Beyond Centers and Circle Time in all pre-k classrooms. Marion County’s PreK classrooms are fortunate to have the Beyond Centers and Circle Time curriculum.  It is play-based and is designed to create loving, playful, and stimulating experiences for young children. It is research based through 25 years of data collected on children with and without disabilities. Our classroom is blended, so we have students with and without disabilities. The research and longitudinal follow-up supporting this curriculum has shown that when children successfully master the stages of play they are developmentally prepared for success in reading, writing, and math skills.

    The experiences planned during this month will focus on Farm Animals & Farms.

    During this month we will focus on farm animals and farms.  Areas of importance for the month are:

    • Kinds of work people do on farms
    • Names of animals that live on farms
    • Identifying sounds of animals that live on farms
    • Vehicles used on farms
    • Kinds of buildings on farms
    • Plants that are grown on farms


    Colors of the month

    Brown, Orange, Yellow, Red

    Shape of the month

    Square, Rectangle

    Letters of the month

    Ff, Ll

    Parents, you can help your child this month by:

    • Reading every night to your child.
    • Discuss the colors you see in the trees and animals. Take your child on a walk and talk about the colors that you see.
    • Pointing out objects in the environment that have the triangle shape.  Talk about the shapes that you see in buildings and other objects in the environment.
    • Point out letters you see in the environment. (i.e. T at the beginning of Target or P at the beginning of Publix)
    • Point out the letters F, L, M, H and/or T on signs and in books.
    • Look for pictures of farms or farm animals.