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    War that Saved my Live

    Coach Shelton recommends books by author Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.

    Call Number: F BRA   Genre: Historical Fiction


    I have read two books by the author Kimberly Brubaker Bradley this year. She is such a great writer that I am enthralled in the books from the first few pages!! Her books are historical novels that are from the view point of children living in the time of slavery. The second book of Bradley’s that I’m reading right now is about President Thomas Jefferson’s secret children! Check Bradley’s books out and talk to me about them when you’re in P.E.! I can’t wait to talk about them!!




    Book Cover

    Mrs. Quaid recommends The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

    Call Number: F BAR   Genre: Fantasy


    This SSYRA Newberry Award book is my favorite book of the year!  It is a magical book about a young girl raised by a witch and a swamp monster.  The theme of the book is love; maternal love, familial love, and friendship.  In this fantasy world stereotypes are flipped; the witch is kindhearted, the monster is caring, and the respected village elders are evil.

How to Grow a Reader

  • To become a better reader….read, read, read! It is suggested that if you build a daily routine of reading at home, at least 20 minutes per day, the result will be a strong reader.


    JustTake20 Just Take 20

    Just Take 20 (JT20) is a Florida initiative to improve student achievement in reading and literacy by recognizing that literacy begins at home! JT20 gives parents an awareness of their essential role as well as knowledge and skill to deliver daily activities that promote literacy. JT20 provides a knowledge base of age-appropriate activities and habits that will ensure highly skilled readers, motivated to read and write in school, workplace and life.

Choose a Great Book!

  • 10 Ways to Pick a Great Book:

    1. It has a captivating cover
    2. The title sounds intriguing
    3. It was recommeded by a friend
    4. You like the other books written by that author
    5. You loved the other books in that series
    6. You are fascinated by the theme or subject
    7. The description on the back cover draws you in
    8. Looking inside, you find the chapter titles or illustrations irresistible
    9. The first paragraph or page makes you want to keep reading
    10. It was made into a movie 

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