• ORDER - Cap and Gown

    If you have not ordered your cap and gown yet, please do so!  The only way to order is to visit www.highschool.herffjones.com and place your order online.  The only REQUIRED items are Pak A - Cap, Gown, Tassel, and Medallion for $48.00 plus tax.


    PICTURES - Cap and Gown

    If you missed your cap and gown photos on campus the make up is at SWI in Gainesville on February 19th.  Please call them at 352-378-8411 or 800-226-0453 to make an appointment.  If that day does not work for you, please contact them to select a day that will work for you.  It is recommended that guys wear or bring a white dress shirt and a tie and that the ladies wear a V-neck top.  Preview of these photos will be mailed to your home and images will be available online within a few weeks for you to view.