• Hello there! My name is Ms. LaFleur and I am a teacher of Chemistry and Physical Science. I hope to reach out to many students and provide them with a healthy learning environment in which they are engaged and wanting to learn! I expect progress from all my students because they are capable of growth and discovering self-motivation. I will work hard to guide my students toward progress; therefore, I expect for them to, in return, put forth effort to progress themselves as lifelong learners and members of society.

  • Chemistry Topics:

    Scientific Measurement

    Atomic Structure

    Periodic Table

    Ionic Compounds

    Covalent Compounds

    Chemical Reactions

    Mole Calculations


    States of Matter and Intermolecular Forces


    Reaction Rates


    Physical Science Topics:

    Science Skills

    Properties of Matter

    States of Matter

    Atomic Model/Structure

    Periodic Table

    Chemical Bonds

    Chemical Reactions

    Acids and Bases


    Forces and Motion

    Work, Power, and Machines


    Mechanical Waves and Sounds