• Twenty Book Challenge Requirement (DUE: May 18th)

    This is a test grade.  You must read at least five books:

    5/5 = 100/A

    4/5 = 80

    3/5 = 60

    2/5 = 40

    1/5 = 20

    0/5 = 0


    You must read a book with at least 100 to 300 hundred pages for ONE book.  For books over 300 pages:

    301 to 600 = TWO books

    601 to 900 pages = THREE books

    901 to 1,200 pages = FOUR books


    For each book, write the following information:

    • Title:
    • Author:
    • Pages:
    • Genre:
    • Summary: Write three to five sentences summarizing the book (For fiction: Someone wanted…but…so…/For nonfiction: summarize main idea).
    • Reflection: Write a paragraph of reflection using one of the reflection questions from this sheet. Restate the question at the beginning of your reflection.  You must use details from the book in your paragraph.


    Reflection Questions for Fiction:

    • Which character did you connect with the most and why?
    • Which part of the story caused the most intense feelings in you? Why?
    • How realistic is the plot of your book? Explain.
    • What event, setting, or character in this book reminds you of your life and why?
    • Would you recommend this book or story to someone else? Why?
    • Find a quote that stands out to you and explain why you chose it.

    You may also use these reflection starters.

    • In this book, I love the way ….
    • In the novel, I can’t believe that….
    • If I were __________, I would ….
    • I like the way the author ….
    • I felt sad/elated/apprehensive when ….
    • My favorite part of the book was…


    Reflection Questions for Nonfiction:

    • Who do you think would be interested in what you read and why?
    • Which part of your book did you having the most difficulty understanding and why?
    • What was the main idea of the book you read?
    • What was the author’s purpose? Did he/she want to inform, entertain, persuade or describe? How do you know?
    • While reading, what is something new you learned and would want to share with someone else?
    • Would you recommend this book to someone else? Why?
    • Explain any opinions you formed while reading this book.