• Course Description

    This marince science course is designed to meet the needs of the student who wishes to obtain an in-depth awareness of coastal and marine systems.  The course will include a study of the physical, chemical and geological aspects of oceanography, marine biology, the coastal environment and the interrelationships among the disciplines.


    Instructional Philosophy

     Students will be engaged in a variety of challenging real-world projects and assignments to show how science is used in everyday life and in the world of work. They will be held to high expectations regarding their quality of work and personal behavior. Students will often work in groups, but will be expected to complete individual assignments in relation to the group’s work.  Groups will also work together to plan lessons that they will teach to their classmates.


    Course Goals

    By the end of this course, students will be able to

    Demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning and inquiry by applying a logical sequence to solving problems and designing experiments with variables and controls.

    Demonstrate an understanding of the history of ocean study and the methods used for study.

    Explain the theories of plate tectonics and sea floor spreading.

    Understand how daily ocean processes affect marsh and coastal systems.

    Identify the major phyla of ocean animals and explain their significance in the global ocean food web.

    Explain the human impacts, both positive and negative, on the ocean ecosystem.

    Literacy, Writing, Numeracy and Technology Power Standards