• Welcome to Mrs. Kirkland's Class!  

                                                          Reminder***********May 27th is the last day to turn in work to get a grade****************

    Hi Students!  I see that many of you are hitting the ground running (working hard) to get alot of your assignments completed.  This is a good thing!  No assignments will be posted this week.  If you have completed everything, Kudos to you!  You have nothing to complete just continue to read.  I want to say that I truly miss all of you and this has been a learning experience for us all.  Continue to do your best! continue to stay focus!  You can be the best you, you can be with a focused mindset.  Continue to stay safe and healthy.  Mrs. Kirkland


    Hi Students!  We are in our eighth week of online learning.  Hats off to you for doing your best and staying strong.  Continue to read the instructions outlined for assignments.  Enjoy your weekend!  Stay safe and Stay healthy.  Mrs. Kirkland


    Happy Mothers Day to all our Mothers and those Guardians who have step up to the plate to help with their children during this time.  You are honored....hats off to you!!! 

    Seventh week of online learning is upon us students.  Please go to my assignment page and continue with completing your assignments.  We don't have many weeks left, so play catch up and hit the ground running.  


    Sixth week of online learning!  Hi Students, have you heard the saying, April showers, brings May flowers? Well...here we are in the month of May where you will start to see the flowers blooming so beautifully everywhere.  Just invision the beauty and let it put a smile on your face.  I have sent to your personal student email assignments to be completed as well as here on my website.  If you have any questions, please email me.  Keep up the fantastic WORK you are doing!!!


    Fifth week and we are going strong!  Check student email, check assignment tab for work that is due!  Students, please pass along information to classmates you speak to.  Tell them about the assignments Mrs. Kirkland has posted.  We are all in this together and you giving out information about assignments due is helping your fellow classmates.  Keep up the awesome JOB you are doing.  GO LIONS!!!!


    Fourth week of learning and we are going STRONG!  Keep up the AWESOME JOB you are doing!

    Don't worry about being on time with your assignments.  The important thing is that your get it done.  Go to the assignment tab and like the green light...Let's GO!


    Students we are in our third week of learning. Remember to check your student email daily for worksheets that need to be completed.  Just transfer the answers onto a sheet of paper and take a photo and send to my email.  On this website, go to my assignment tab and complete the assignments posted daily.  


    Second week of learning starts April 6, 2020!  Students, this new way of learning may take a bit of getting use to.  But, jump on board we are all in this together. Go to the assignment tab to find out what you'll need to do.  

    ***Brainteaser - Students, what is easy to get into, but hard to get out of?   Email me your response for extra credit.


    Hello students!  First I would like to say I miss seeing your smiling faces.  

    We are working very hard to ensure that your safety is first!  Until we meet as a class, I have 

    posted some assigments for you.  Please go to the assigment page for instructions on

    what you will need to do.  Take good care and continue to wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of germs!!

    Mrs. Kirkland


    Day One of Online Learning!

    Students go to the assignment tab to get all the information you'll need to complete your reading work daily.  


    **Students continue to read as reading increases your vocabulary and opens a whole new world to you!!

    Weekly homework assignment:

    Read daily for at least 20 minutes (5 days each week).

    Record your daily reading on the reading log I have attached in the assignment section.

    Have your parent or guardian check your progress daily.