• Class Schedule will be enforced and attendance will be recorded daily.  Please be on time and be prepared to participate.

    1st and 2nd Period - 9:10 - 11:12

    3rd and 4th Period - 11:49 - 1:42

    5th and 6th Period - 1:47 - 3:40


    Welcome Back MCPS Online Students! 

    I look forward to working with you this school year!


    To begin our first class, you will need to login to your school email.

    You will have an email from my Teams Class [6 - Pre-IB Biology (Dr. Graham) that looks like a calendar invite with the Subject 'First Class Meeting'.


    Within that email, you will have a link to join our Team during our first scheduled class session.  You will click 'Click here to join the meeting.'


    Teams Meet  

    Make sure your camera and microphone are working to join the Meet.  During this first meet I will explain how to access our class Team.


     How to Find Microsoft Teams

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  • Biology Syllabus                                                                         School Year 2020-2021

    Lake Weir High School                                                                   Dr. Graham; Room 3-215

    Monday - Friday                                                                           James.Graham@marion.k12.fl.us


    Please Refer to this website and Microsoft Teams for assignments and announcements.



    Course Description and Objectives:  Biology is the study of life.  In this course, students will be exposed to an incredible array of life forms ranging from microscopic bacteria to giant redwood trees . Students will also learn how different life forms rely on each other and their environment for nutrients and shelter. Finally, students will gain experience using the same techniques that scientists use in the world to identify, study, and test various hypotheses about life.

    Year at a Glance:

    Quarter 1:           Introduction to Biology/Nature of Science


                              Properties of Water


    Quarter 2:           Cell Structure and Function

                              Immune Response

                              Plant Structure/Cellular Energy

    Quarter 3:           Plant Structure/Cellular Energy (continued)



                              Human Reproduction

                              Molecular Genetics

    Quarter 4:           Molecular Genetics (continued)



                              Cardiovascular Health

                              Classification and Taxonomy


    Biology, Pearson Levine, Copyright 2019 Pearson Education, Inc. (Provided by the school)

    Dedicated 3-ring binder, Composition book, Colored pencils, pens, pencils, highlighters, notebook paper

    Optional:  Chrome book, laptop, with internet access and webcam (Needed for online Instruction)



    Tests/Quizzes                              40%

    Classwork/Participation                50%

    Homework                                  10%


    Grades will be calculated based on the following grading scale:

    90-100 = A

    80-89 = B

    70-79 = C

    60-69 = D

    59 and below = F