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Ms. Fenech

Hi there,

Welcome to Language Arts and Reading. Please use this page to learn a little about me and the things that I enjoy as a teacher.


Education is my calling, and it has been fun to watch my career evolve over the years. Initially, I worked with the State University System, serving as a member of the admissions team at the University of South Florida. When it became clear that my affinity for working with visiting school groups went beyond my capacity to connect with teenagers, I knew that making the transition into the world of teaching was the right move for me. This school year marks the sixth year anniversary since I made that change, and I have had the pleasure of teaching students of varying grades between 8-12.  During that time, I’ve been very fortunate to participate in a variety of trainings and school based development that has allowed me to flourish as an educator. I do a lot of work with other teachers at my school site, district, and sometimes statewide in terms of educating on the benefits of incorporating technology into the classroom. I had three articles published last year (twice by the University of Southern California and one by Triumph learning), which  out lined a couple of basic tools I have used in my classroom with success. I am a huge advocate of Twitter (tweet with me @miss_fenech) as a way of continuing to share the stories of my classroom, the successes and struggles of my experiences I am extremely passionate about education and some of the innovation occurring throughout our schools; in spite of the difficulties of some mandates, this feels like an exciting time to be a teacher.  


On a more personal level, I enjoy spending time with my family. I am blessed to have an amazing husband and a beautiful son who is 7.. He is my inspiration for all I do in life but especially in my work: he reminds me of the educator I want to be, need to be, and should be. This summer, we will welcome our second baby boy to the family, who I know will continue to reinforce the importance of being a teacher that my students can relate to. 


One thing that people who don't know me in person and aren’t privy to is my background: I moved to the U.S. at the end of 2003 from London, at the age of 16. To call it the experience of a lifetime is something of an understatement. I feel blessed to have had such a diverse upbringing, which I like to think benefits my school family.


Looking forward to a great year working with all of you!