• Miss Downes 

    Inclusion Teacher ( K - 2)


    Need Assistance? 

    Hours: Monday - Friday  

    AM: 10 - 11 AM

    PM: 12:30 - 1: 30 PM

    Available for questions and help via Zoom

    E-mail Contact: kayla.downes@marion.k12.fl.us



    Distance learning has begun and we will be using Google Classroom for all activities and assignments for students to be met where they are at. Students have been invited to join the classroom based on their grade level.


    To access Google Classroom:

    - Go to Marion Desktop and students sign in

    - Click on the Google Apps on bottom and click

    - Click on Google Classroom and sign in with e-mail ( firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net) and school password

    - Join class and enter code:

    1st Grade: jyyrxdl

    2nd Grade: ggv4lrf




    - Conferencing will be available via Zoom if help is needed for student or parent. Feel free to contact me via email and we can set up a meeting when time is available.