• Career Academy

    A career academy is a school-based, “school within a school,” business-driven model that integrates academic and career-related curricula with a small group of teachers who work as a team to plan and manage the program.


    Choice Program

    A choice program is a special program that allows students to participate in an educational opportunity that is not available in their zoned school. Choice programs also serve students who reside in the attendance area of a choice school.


    Choice School with a Magnet Program

    A choice school with a magnet program is a school that offers a magnet program. A choice school with a magnet program enrolls both zoned and out-of-area students.


    Choice School with a Special Program

    A choice school with a special program is a school that offers a special program as its school choice option.  A choice school with a special program enrolls both zoned and out-of-area  students.


    Dedicated Magnet School

    A dedicated magnet school does not have a specified attendance boundary; all students apply to attend and are accepted through a lottery that operates on a selection system based on choice and priority. All students participate in the magnet program(s).


    High School Acceleration Program

    A high school acceleration program offers highly motivated students the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. The District offers AP Honors, Early College, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and Cambridge Secondary AICE. In some high schools, the acceleration program is also a magnet program.



    A lottery is the process used to select students for both a magnet school and a choice school when the number of applications exceeds the number of available openings


    Magnet Program

    A magnet program is a specialized theme that allows students to explore a special talent, skill, gift or interest. A magnet school can offer one or more magnet programs or themes.


    Magnet School

    A magnet school offers a specialized program or theme that is designed to attract students from other schools for the purpose of promoting or maintaining a diverse student population in all schools. Students apply to attend a magnet school that is not their base school.


    Magnet Student

    A magnet student is a student who attends a school that is not their base school for the purpose of participating in a magnet program.


    John M. McKay Scholarships

    A program for students with identified disabilities in grades K-12.



    A priority is a weight that is used in the magnet and choice school lottery.


    School within a School Magnet

    Some schools have a magnet program that operates as a “school within a school.” This means that there is a specialized program housed at the school that serves a specific group of neighborhood students and magnet students but not the entire student population of the school. These are primarily high school programs. Some “school within a school” magnet programs are also career academies.


    Special Program

    A special program refers to a program that is offered as an attractor by a choice school.


    Zoned School

    The school whose attendance zone you live in.  The attendance zones are located on each school’s web site or you can call the office of School Choice and Magnet Programs to find out what school you are zoned for (352) 671-7743.