• This course is designed to provide a basic overview of current business and information systems and trends and to introduce students to the basics and foundations required for today's business environments. Emphasis is placed on developing proficiency with touch keyboarding and fundamental computer applications, so that they may be used as communication tools for enhancing personal and work place proficiency in an information-based society. This also includes proficiency with computers using databases, spreadsheets, presentation applications, and the integration of these programs using software that meets industry standards.

    The content includes but is not limited to the use of technology to develop communications skills, higher level thinking skills, and decision making skills; the performance of office procedures tasks; the production of quality work in an efficient manner using advanced features of business software applications; research of job opportunities; and the production of high quality employment portfolios and job-seeking documents.


    In addition students are introduced to forms of business ownership and organizational structures, supervisory/management functions and skills, business law concepts, leadership skills, business ethics, cultural diversity, insurance awareness, governmental regulations, human resources management issues, and career development.


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