College and Career Centers


    lab1 Marion County Public Schools have created Career Centers located in most of our high schools. Assessment of skills, career interests and aptitudes, as they relate to realistic career objectives, take place in these centers.

    In addition to facilitating career assessment and exploration through Choices, On Your Own in Central City, and other materials, the Career Center also serves as a school resource center for career research and development.



    Each Career Center is assigned a Career Center Specialist. This person manages the Career Center, coordinates its usage, and assists students with college and career planning.

    The Career Centers are equipped with Assessment and Exploration software to assist in determining a student's interests, abilities, learning styles, and temperaments. Reports can be printed to be placed in the Career Planner Portfolio.

    Information on Colleges and Scholarships can also be found in the Career Center. In addition to Scholarship research software, students can use the Internet to search for local and national scholarships.