Every Student Succeeds Act

  • School districts are no longer required to report HQ for Federal NCLB. Educators are only required to meet State certification rules which include teachers “Infield” and “Out-of- Field”. Self-contained teachers in the exceptional education classes are required to hold ESE certification and coverage for each core subject area they are responsible for issuing the grade. Florida Statute requires districts publish a listing online of teachers who are out-of-field twice per school year at least 30 days prior to the start of each semester. This snapshot at the 30-day mark is found at https://www.marionschools.net/Page/53101.



    Because of a shortage of certified teachers in specific areas, some teachers are approved to teach in a subject area which they are not certified. Florida Statute 1012.42 requires the district to publish a listing of teachers who are approved to teach out-of-field 30 days before the beginning of each semester.  View the current MCPS Out-of-field List.


    Florida State Rule requires completion of 6-semester hours of college credit in the out-of-field subject within one-calendar year to continue teaching out-of-field the following year. Effective July 2002, the exam option was approved as a route for demonstration of subject knowledge for educators lacking the subject specialization coursework.  Passing of any bachelor-level subject area exam qualifies an educator to add the subject to their current certificate.  The exam route is also an option for applicants qualifying for initial certification as long as they have a Bachelor’s Degree.



    The elimination of NCLB allowed MCPS to revisit/revise our Infield Designation (IFD) policy at the May 23, 2017 School Board meeting.


    The revised IFD policy allows any out-of-field teacher options for demonstrating subject knowledge via 7 different criteria listed below. Any out-of-field teacher who believes he/she qualifies, should contact the ESD Certification office to request an evaluation.


    1. A minor appearing on the official college transcript in the subject area assignment.
    2. Official documentation of passing the subject area exam for the out-of-field assignment.
    3. Fifteen semester hours of college credit in the subject area.
    4. Within two specialization courses of being certified in the out-of-field assignment. Subject specialization requirements can be found at http://www.fldoe.org/teaching/certification/certificate-subjects/
    5. Acceptance of HP approved prior to 7/1/2017 from any public school district.
    6. Qualification for a Marion County Certification Evaluation (MACE). This new option is very similar to the HP option which ended 6/30/2017. This option takes into account 3 college courses in the subject area and if the educator has taught the subject within the last 5 years. 
    7. Acceptance of in-field designations from other Florida counties and proof of successful evaluation from their last year of employment.