Gifted Program

  • At Dr. NH Jones we offer two types of gifted programs, FLAME pull out and Content-Based Gifted classes. FLAME pull out gifted classes offer a small group focus once a week with the gifted teacher addressing each child’s Gifted Educational Plan (GEP) goals.


    Content-Based Gifted program provides a full-time gifted program with peers that are gifted and/or high achieving. Our teachers are trained in the needs of gifted students in both programs.


    Students in both programs focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and the Growth Mindset. All gifted students are given the opportunity to participate in project based learning and solve logic problems. Novel studies are also utilized to engage students in literacy.


    Furthermore, each gifted class provides a platform for students to showcase their gifts and talents. Student research projects that meet each child’s gifted goals utilize a variety of technology such as Google Classroom, Kahoot, Prezi, PowerPoint, Media Videos, etc.


    These opportunities stress the need for team work, communication, leadership skills, innovation, perseverance, and countless other skills that parallel the Florida Gifted Frameworks.