• Events Coming Up for Vocal Students:


    October 21, 2017—All State Vocal Audition at Powell Middle School. Students who passed the Musicianship exam and were selected will participate.

    October 22, 2017: 2-4 PM Rehearsals for Handel’s Messiah at Reilly Center. This will be every Sunday until the performance. Please plan on attending at least 2 plus the dress rehearsal if you already have performed the Messiah and 4 plus the dress rehearsal if you have not.

    October 26, 2017—Chris Ulmer, guest speaker invited by Mrs. Barnes will speak in the PAC. To introduce him, Period 5 Eclectic Singers, Rock Band and selected students of Mrs. Barnes will perform. Call time will be 6:00 PM. The performance begins at 7:00.

    October 27, 2017—Young Americans will perform and introduce themselves to vocal students during Periods 4 and 6. In February, students who apply will be able to perform with this very talented group of college age students.

    November 10—Select chorus students will perform at Veterans’ Park for Veterans’ Day. This will be an all day event. We will take a school bus. 50 students maximum will be selected.

    November 17—select group of 30 to perform at Heathbrook, Barnes and Noble 7:00 PM

    November 18—select group of 30 to perform at Light Up Ocala 4:00 PM

    November 18—Dress Rehearsal at Reilly Center for Messiah performance 7:30 PM

    November 19—Messiah performance 3:00 Reilly Center

    December 5—select group of 30 students will perform at Hawthorne Retirement Village from 10:30-11:30. We will leave school at 10:00 and be back by 12:00.

    December 5--TBA 6:00 PM

    December 11—Dress Rehearsal for Winter Concert 3:45-6:00 PM in the PAC

    December 12—Winter Concert for Chorus and Orchestra 7:00 PM

    January 10-13—FMEA Conference; All State Ensembles rehearse and perform.

    February 2-3—Solo/Ensemble at Belleview High School

    February 4-6—Young Americans

    March 2-3—Choral MPA River Ridge Center for the Arts—(probably March 3)

    March 16-17—State Solo/Ensemble Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville

    April 16-17—State MPA Faith Presbyterian Church, Tallahassee

    April 23-24—Chorus Spring Concert

    April 26—Orchestra Soiree and awards

    April 30-Chorus Awards 6-9 Cafeteria



Last Modified on November 8, 2017