• Biology is a highly rigorous course load that requires knowledge of a large volume of content and implementation of scientific argumentation.   This course will cover important biological vocabulary, theories, and concepts.  Course work will involve but is not limited to, vocabulary building skills, note taking, practice worksheets and quizzes, scientific activities, lab work and write ups, FCA’s, and Chapter and Unit Tests.  Homework is a necessary requirement for the success in this class.  You will not improve without practice unless you learn through osmosis.  Absenteeism will greatly affect your success in this class, so it is extremely important for you to be in attendance every day. Detailed laboratory activities and scientific research are a significant part of the course.




    This year we will be offering a unique opportunity to review for the Biology EOC exam.  Biology is a state tested subject and the exam accounts for 30% of the overall grade in the course.  A team of biology teachers at FHS have used data from students' first and second quarter QSMA exams to pinpointed areas in which students struggled.  These weaker areas will be the content focus of the review sessions.  The goal is to raise scores in these areas of deficiency. 

    Students will receive study materials at each session. This will help the students study before the April 24th test!

    Students will have an opportunity to see and hear other biology teachers cover content in which they are an expert in teaching.  Students will be offered extra credit for each session that they attend.  Do not miss this opportunity! Please encourage your student to attend!


    Here are the cat periods and the areas of focus:

    Mon 2/26       Mitosis

    Tues 2/27      Nature of Science

    Thur 3/8        Macromolecules

    fri 3/9           properties of water

    mon 3/19       photosynthesis

    tues 3/20      enzymes

    fri 3/30         cells