• AP Studio-Course #01043009

    Syllabus & Deadline Calendar


    1st & 2nd Semester

    Please read(carefully) and consult the accompanying AP Syllabus prepared by the College Board for clear information on and requirements for AP Courses. This course consists of creating twelve works in a concentration, preparing work (24 images) for Advanced Placement college credit and submittal of your portfolio for AP college credit. These art works must show breadth, concentration and quality and deal with specific subject matter.

    You have been working on many of these specific pieces in your class and portfolio work. The twelve pieces in this course are intended to follow a specific theme or concentration and should show growth from piece to piece.

    You will maintain a sketchbook for this class. Your sketchbook must contain sketches of each piece for your concentration and may have several revisions or alterations. These sketches must be completed and approved by me Prior execution to make certain they fall in line with college expectations. Each piece will be awarded four grades: approved Sketch, Completed piece, Written Description, Framing and or Matting.

    You will have approximately three weeks to complete each piece.


    Three readings(critiques) must take place prior to the day of the exam. A grade will be given at that time.

    1. First Reading-10/22
    2. Second Reading- 1/07-Semester Exam(see exam below)
    3. Third Reading-03/31


    Required work and due dates are as follows:



    1st Semester                                        2nd Semester



    09/10  Piece #1 due                                         01/07 Piece #7 due


    10/1   Piece #2 due                                        01/28 Piece #8 due                                                            

    10/22 Piece #3 due                                        02/18 Piece #9 due


    11/12 Piece #4 due                                        03/10 Piece #10 due                                                          

    11/30 Piece #5 due                                        03/31 Piece #11 due


    12/18 Piece #6 due                                        04/21 Piece #12 due


                        05/9 End of School day- College Board Exam-Portfolio Submission  


    1st Semester Exam: A written statement of your direction/concentration is required. This should include medium and discussion of subject in good grammar and complete sentences. The discussion must be an evaluation of your concentration and its direction. Strengths and weaknesses must be discussed with possible improvement.   It must also include an evaluation of the 12 breadth pieces as well allowing for the creation of other pieces to strengthen the lot. The 5 quality pieces must be written and explained as to why they were chosen.