Drawing/Painting 3(DP3)-Instructor-Gene Hotaling

    Sketchbook Assignments/ Gallery/Event Visit Deadlines

    2017-2018-1st Semester

    Sketchbooks will be reviewed and graded on Thursdays. Sketchbook assignments MUST be labeled with the name of assignment and date to receive a grade. I will grade each sketchbook drawing. Sketchbooks drawings that meet the basic requirements of the prompt, are complete and show effort and skill will be given a grade of 80 or higher.. Sketchbooks that are incomplete or show little attention will receive a zero. You have a week to address your grade with me. If you are not satisfied, resubmit the work for a re-grade within a week of grading. Students receiving a 0% MUST submit the work for a re-grade within the week or the zero will remain in the grade book. The highest re-grade that a zero can receive is an 85%.

    Consider :     1. Where the light is coming from                               2. White to black (Multiple Shades of grey)

    1. Darkened on Dark                                                   4. Inferred Shape and line
    2. Negative edges and shapes 6. Erased into(erasure as drawing tool)

    Be prepared. Don’t wait to the last minute. Ask questions, be patient with suggested changes for improvement. Consider researching the prompt. Work daily in your sketchbook. Don’t compare yourself to any other artist!


    8/14   Monday-Summer Assignments

    8/17   Sketch #1= Stick it…Shove it….Sweep it 8/24     Sketch #2= The path less travelled….

    8/31     Sketch #3= Sky’s the Limit 9/5     Tuesday-GV 1 Due

    9/7     Sketch #4= The mind’s eye

    9/14     Sketch #5= Utopia

    9/21     Sketch #6= Procrastination, Consternation

    9/28 Sketch #7= Integration, Segregation

    10/2    Monday-GV 2 Due

    10/5    Sketch #8= The Guardian 10/10   End first nine weeks

    10/12   Sketch #9= Brainwashed                     

    10/19   Sketch #10= Conservatism, Liberalism  

    10/26   Sketch #11= Driving us all crazy


    11/2      Sketch #12= Blood Brothers

    11/6    Monday-GV 3 Due 11/9   Sketch #13= Invaders 11/16   Sketch #14= Pressure…………………………!

    11/20-24 THANKSGIVING BREAK –Assignment= Sketch #15=A New Land - Due Monday 11/28

    11/27  Monday-Sketch #15 A New Land 11/30  Sketch #16= I Robot 12/4     Monday-GV 4 Due

    12/7    Sketch #17= Manchurian Candidate

    12/14   Sketch #18= Archimedes…Socrates…Galileo


    End of First semester    


    CHRISTMAS BREAK - Over Christmas: DP3 students will create a pencil rendering that relates to ”Time” Subjects could include the passage of time, instruments that tell time, the human condition as it relates to time., past –present-future etc. Use an 18 X 24 size paper with actual picture dimensions of 16 X 20. This should be a complete, well thought out drawing that will be considered a portfolio piece. Due 1/6/17


    01/06- Christmas Break assignment





    Drawing /Painting III(DP3)Course#: 0104409-Instructor Gene Hotaling-

    Syllabus & Deadline Calendar

    2016-2017-1st Semester


    This course will consist of painting and 2D imaging in alternative media and processes: Various mediums, on a variety of surfaces, working in wet and dry mediums on a variety of surfaces, or with a combination of both in mixed process. All projects will require an approved sketch(In Sketchbook) prior to start. Working sketches must show all revisions.


    Class Schedule(by Week) and Due Dates


    Week 1- 8/14-8/18     Review summer Assign. Intro Project #1 Recycled Project -

    Week 2-8/21-8/25   Project #1 Recycled Project Research & Drawing Sketch Due 8/25

    Week 3-8/29-9/1     Project #1 Recycled Contest Project Due Thursday 8/31-Intro Project #2 Posterization

    Week 4-9/5-9/08       Project #2 Posterization Portrait project

    Week 5-9/11-9/15     Project #2 Posterization Portrait project

    Week 6-9/18-9/22     Project #2 Posterization Portrait project

    Week 7-9/25-9/29     Project #2 Posterization Portrait project Due-Thursday 9/28


    Week 8 10/02-10/06     Monday 10/02=GV2 Due Intro Project #3-Collage- Sketch Due 10/05 Week 9 10/09-10/13     10/10 End of semester 1-Project #3 Collage Work

    Week 10 10/16-10/20   Project #3 Collage Work

    Week 11 10/23-10/27   Project #3 Collage Work Collage Due Thursday 10/27 Week 12 10/30-11/03   Intro Portrait in Time Project-Research-A Portrait in Time Sketch due11/02

    Week 13 11/06-11/10     A Portrait in Time, -GV 3 Due 11/09

    Week 14 11/13-11/17     A Portrait in Time

    11/20-11/24=THANKSGIVING BREAK


    Week 15 11/27-12/01     A Portrait in Time Due 11/31 –Intro Project #4- Abstract


    Week 16 12/04-12/08    Project #4- Abstract

    Week 17 12/11-12/15   Project #4- Abstract

    Week 18 12/18-12/19   Project #4- Abstract



    Semester Exam: The Semester Exam is Project #4 Abstraction, executed in mixed process. This is a weighted assignment that will be due on 1/15.


    Winter Break Assignment: You will have one 18” x 24” to do over the winter break. Please choose from the list of suggested drawing subjects supplied or develop your own idea for a drawing. A sketch must be submitted and approved BEFORE you leave for break. Paper will be supplied for this assignment on last day before break. Drawings will be checked during first week back.