• Drawing/Painting l(DP1): Instructor-Gene Hotaling Sketchbook Assignments/ Gallery/Event Visit Deadlines 2017-2018-1st Semester

    Sketchbooks will be reviewed and graded on Thursdays. Sketchbook assignments MUST be labeled with the name of assignment and date to receive a grade. I will grade each sketchbook drawing. Sketchbooks drawings that meet the basic requirements of the prompt, are complete and show effort and skill will be given a grade of 80 or higher. Sketchbooks that are incomplete or show little attention will receive a zero. You have a week to address your grade with me. If you are not satisfied, resubmit the work for a re-grade within a week of grading. Students receiving a 0% MUST submit the work for a re-grade within the week or the zero will remain in the grade book. The highest re-grade that a zero can receive is an 85%.

    Consider :     1. Where the light is coming from                               2. White to black(Multiple Shades of grey                       3. Darkened on Dark                                                   4. Inferred Shape and line                        5. Negative edges and shapes                                   6. Erased in to(erasure as drawing tool)

    Be prepared. Don’t wait to the last minute. Ask questions, be patient with suggested changes for improvement. Consider researching the prompt. Work daily in your sketchbook. Don’t compare yourself to any other artist!

    8/14   Monday-Summer Assignments 8/17     Sketch #1=Crumpled paper 8/24     Sketch #2=Paper Bag 8/31     Sketch #3=Pile of clothes

    9/5     Tuesday- We will work on in class on 8/31-GV 1 Due 9/7     Sketch #4=Dead Trees, Ominous branches   9/14   Sketch #5=Looking Through Something 9/21   Sketch #6=Unusual lighting 9/28   Sketch #7=Shadows

    10/2   Monday- GV 2 Due 10/5   Sketch #8=Mirror Image 10/10   End of First 9 weeks 10/12   Sketch #9=Upside down, turned around   10/19   Sketch #10=Inside Out 10/26   Sketch #11== Vines, Spines and Spirits

    11/2   Sketch #12=Blown bubbles 11/6   Monday- GV 3 Due 11/9   Sketch #13=Wet and Dirty 11/16 Sketch #14=Giving Thanks 11/20-24 THANKSGIVING BREAK –Assignment- Sketch #15=Draw the Meal- Due Monday 11/28 11/27 Sketch #15= Draw the Meal 11/30   Sketch #16= Long and stringy, thin and fine 12/4    Monday- GV 4 Due 12/7    Sketch #17=Reflections, complexions, glass     12/14   Sketch #18=Water, Water, Water 12/19   End of First semester

    12/9-1/3/2018= CHRISTMAS BREAK - Over Christmas…. in your sketchbook please complete three sketchbook drawings:

    1. Lights and Sparkles
    2. Miniature and Magic
    3. Ornaments: close-up

    01/3 Monday- Christmas Break assignments

    Drawing /Painting I(DP1)-Instructor-Gene Hotaling

    Syllabus & Project Deadline Calendar

    2017-18-1st Semester

    This course is a foundations drawing class. We will use a variety of drawing media to explore drawing as a fundamental art skill. Our work will consider drawing in a range of values, portraiture, still life, landscape, reflections, transparency, metal, glass, and fabric folds. Composition, Craftsmanship and Depth of Field will be stressed. Class Schedule(by Week) and Due Dates(These dates are subject to change)

    Week 1- 8/14-8/18    Students Report-Review 8 Summer Drawings-Intro Project #1-Shape to Form   Week 2-8/21-8/25     8/23 Wednesday=Project #1 Due: Intro Project #2-Form Still life Week 3-8/28-9/1       9/4 Project #2 Due(R) Intro Project #3-Furniture Week 4 9/5-9/08     9/6-Wednesday=Project 2 Due 9/5-Tuesday-GV1 Due Week 5-9/11-9/15    9/13-Wednesday=Project 3 Due, Intro Project #4: The Knot Week 6- 9/18-9/22    9/26 Project #4 Due Intro Project #5: 7-Shape Value Exercise Week 7 9/25-9/29    9/27 Wednesday(half-day)Project #5 Due , Intro Project #6: Value Week 8 10/2-10/6        10/2-Mon.=GV2 Due. 10/4-Wed.=Project #6 Due. Intro Project #7: Glass Week 9 10/9-10/13    10/11 Wed.=Project #7 Due Intro Project #8: Reflective Metal, Week 10 10/16-10/20 10/18 Wed.=Project #8 Due. Intro Project #9: Water Week 11 10/23-10/27   10/25 Wed.=Project #9 Due, Intro Project #10: 1Pt. Perspective Demo Week 12 10/30-11/3     11/1 Wed.=Project # 10 Due. Intro Project #11:2 Pt. Perspective Demo

    Week 13 11/6-11/10     11/6-Mon.=GV3 Due 11/8-Wed. Project #11 Due, Intro Project #12: Multi Pt. Week 14 11/13-11/17   11/15 Wed.=Project #12 due. Intro Project #13 Lettering 11/20-11/24=THANKSGIVING BREAK –Sketchbook assignment due 11/27 Week 15 11/27-12/1      11/29 Wed.=Project #13 Due. Intro Project #14(Semester Exam) Bicycle

    Week 15 12/4-12/8      12/04-Mon.=GV4 Due. Work on Project #14(Semester Exam) Bicycle Week 16 12/11-12/15   Work on Project #14 Week 17 12/18-12/19     Project #14: Semester Exam=Bicycle Due end of Exam period.

    12/20- 1/3/2018= WINTER BREAK

    Exam: Project #14= 18”x24” Bicycle drawing is your semester exam. Don’t hesitate to make it creative and strive to stretch your abilities and skills. The assignment can be architectural, figurative, or abstract and can utilize juxtaposition, perspective drawing and text. Everything you have learned thus far in our class should be part of this drawing. I will look for something from the elements and principles of Art that you have cohesively incorporated in this project. You should endeavor to make this assignment a portfolio piece that exhibits your best skills and practices.

    Winter Break Assignment: You will have three sketches to do over the winter break. Please check the sketchbook assignments for your prompts. Drawings will be graded during first week back.