• Portfolio(1&2)-Course #01093109-Instructor-Gene Hotaling

    Syllabus & Deadline Calendar

    2017-2018- 1st and 2nd Semester This year-long course will consist of preparing work for a Visual Arts Major-college entrance portfolio.

         You will have twelve(12) finished portfolio pieces to complete this year. There is an expectation of diligence and quality for each of these portfolio pieces. They should exhibit a high level of skill and an understanding of the elements and principles of design. The approximate time frame of three weeks for each of the projects is an indication of the time you should invest to complete the work. Each piece has five(5) graded components. 1. Approved Sketch, 2. Project, 3. Matting/Framing, 4. Written summary/critique, 5. Photo. You will have approximately three weeks to complete each piece. All unfinished work or work which needs improvement must be completed before you can move on to the next piece.

           Portfolio pieces may be done in any technique or media. There is also no size(minimum/maximum) requirement, however, pieces smaller than 9”x14” are questionable as strong portfolio submissions. Pieces larger than 24” x 36” become problematic in terms of transportation and framing. That is not to say that excellent work done beyond these recommended sizes is not acceptable.

           You will maintain a sketchbook for this class. Your sketchbook will contain sketches of each piece you produce and may have several revisions or alterations. Sketches could also include color and color variation as explorations of different possibilities. These sketches will be graded and must be completed and approved by me Prior to beginning the project.

           You will also write a written critique of each portfolio piece of no less than 200 words. The critique should describe the work in terms of materials and technique, discuss ideation/subject matter, evaluate the success or failure of the work, describe any changes of shift from the original sketch/s, how it could be improved and thoughts on what you will do to continue your examination of this subject(or not) for your next piece.. This is a formal description of your work and should be written in full sentences with attention to grammar and spelling.

          The twelve topics of portfolio pieces recommended by university and private Art school admissions officers and instructors are listed below: These topics are meant as broad themes that you may use as inspirations for your work, but should not be seen as restrictive…your pieces do not have to be one or any of these topics, but they MUST be approved by Mr. Hotaling.


    1. Self-Portrait                             7. Crumpled paper-Origami Paper- Min 5 pieces show depth 2. Creative Shoes                      8. Figures 3. Creative Bike                           9. Two sided picture back has to show
    2. Interior/Exterior                     10. Juxtaposition 5. Hands-7 Positions                 11. Perspective- room of chairs
    3. Feet-7 positions                    12. Architecture

    There will be two critiques of all work(sketches can be included) each semester, Each critique will be before the grade report as follows: Semester 1=October 3-5 and December 12-14. Semester 2=March 13-15 and May 15-17.


    Required work and due dates are as follows:


    1st Semester                                                                             2nd Semester


    08/31    Piece #1 due                                                                    01/25 Piece #7 due


    09/21 Piece #2 due                                                                       02/15 Piece #8 due                                                                                          

    10/19 Piece #3 due                                                                       03/08 Piece #9 due


    11/09 Piece #4 due                                                                       04/05 Piece #10 due


    11/30 Piece #5 due                                                                        04/26 Piece #11 due


    01/4 Piece #6 due                                                                         05/17 Piece #12 due



    Your grade for each nine weeks will include 3 project grades(Graded with Art Rubric), 3 project Sketch grades, 3 written description grades, 3 matting/framing grades and 3 photograph grades.