100 Days of School! This is an exciting month in Kindergarten because it contains the 100th day of school.  The concept of 100 is difficult for children to understand, even if they can count that high. We will be having a 100 Day Parade on January 23 at 11:15.  Your child needs to make a "float" for the parade.  It needs to be something they can pull, push, carry or wear around the campus and it needs to have 100 items on it.  It cannot be something that they ride such as a scooter or bike.  It does not have to be complicated, but your child needs to be able to talk about it to the class.  I am sending home a report they will need to do in conjunction with this project.  The grading rubric will be on the back of the form so you will see how we will be scoring the assignment.

    If you are stumped, I am sure Pintrest or Google will be able to help you come up with ideas.  We will be making a special t-shirt, so please don't have your child make a shirt as their float.