You are invited to join the class for our Young Author's Chair and Mother's Day Celebration (Dad's are welcome, too) on Friday, May 11 beginning at 11:15.  The students will read their page from our class book, Loud and Proud and then they will share their individual books with you.  Please bring a lunch to share with your child or we will get one from the cafeteria.  I will provide dessert!  The class goes to PE at 12:30, so we will be finished by then.  I do hope you are able to join us and this is always a special event.  Your students worked hard on their books and they will be proud to share them with you.  

    May 11 is also the final deadline for ordering a dvd of our Bridging Cermony.  This dvd will include still pictures from our practices and the entire bridging event.  It is a great way to remember the evening and you will not have to spend they time filming instead of just enjoying.  The dvd is $10.  No late orders will be accepted as final paperwork for the fundraiser must be comleted at that time.  We use the proceeds from this to purchase items that directly impact our classrooms.  In the past, we have purchased phonics games, STEAM activities and games that your students enjoyed using this year.

    Kindergarten Bridging is on Monday, May 21 at 5:30.  (I previously said 6:00, but this is incorrect). It will take place in the auditorium of Marion Technical Institute (MTI) which is on the corner of E. Ft. King St. and S. 16th Ave.  You will need to have you student there at 5:15.  They need to be dressed in their field trip uniform of blue bottoms, white top with black, white or navy socks, sneakers and a belt.  I will have a special t-shirt for them to put on over their white shirt.  We are all looking forward to this special event and your students are practicing their songs everyday.  I hope to see all of you there.

    Our end of the year party will be on Wednesday, May 23.  I will let you know if there is anything you need to send in for the event.  

    Our last day of school is on Thursday, May 24 and we will be having an ice cream sundae treat.  This is being provided with the money that remained in our Kindergarten field trip fund for this year.  The fund has money left because we have to estimate the transportation costs.  The remaining funds must be spent on the current Kindergarten students and this year, there is enough money to purchase ice cream for evey Kindergarten class.