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  • draw: longitudinal and transverse wave

    label: crest, trough, amplitude, wave length, rarefaction, compression, 

    explain: frequency and explain how the energy and direction  of wave are related as to parellel and perpendicular

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  • draw a diagram of a longitudinal and a transvers wave.

    Using the following words label your waves.


    crest;, troguh, amplitutide, compressionn , wave length,

    also, explain what wave moves paralle and which moves perpendicular. explain what frequiency is.

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  • What is the law of gravity?

    What are the two forces that impact gravity?

    How do the two forces affect gravity exactly?

    What is an example of a non contact force?

    What is an example of a contact force?

    Explain the three types of friction?

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  • There will be a test on Motion this Friday January 12th.

    The power point and study guide can be ound under 8th grade assignments.

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  • There will be quiz Wed. on the atoms. I have posted the actual quiz on this site . Look at assignments. The quiz will be there. No suprises. See what you should have already learned!

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  • Please finish the Matter flow chart that was started in class on Monday October 2nd.

    Pages 219-220 in text book

    define each item

    draw pictures to represent element& compound ( pg 220)

    draw pictures to represent homogenous and heterogenous mixtures ( pg 221)

    Turn in for a grade.

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  • Please finish the classification of Matter worksheet and turn in for a grade.

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