•  What’s Happening?



    1. Please look over your child’s planner to see what they are doing in class and what they are learning. Remember to also check the parent portal, to keep track of your child’s academic progress.

    2. Thank you for checking your emails and also by communicating your questions and concerns through email. It is truly an efficient way to communicate.

    3. Your child is working with iReady LAFS (Language Arts Florida Standards) in reading. This is program offers reading instruction that answers the demands of today's rigorous standards.  Your child will read complex texts from a range of genres.  In addition the lessons will help your child build contant knowledge and help deepen their understanding of text. There are connected tasks that integrate writing, speaking, listening and the language standards for 4th grade ELA.  This will help better prepare your child for the FSA ELA test they will take this year. 

    4. In addition to iReady LAFS, your child is also using Kid Biz.  Kid Biz is a computerized program where your child is reading non-fiction material.  After the initial testing in the program, your child has been given a lexile score.  All the material is presented to them in their “just right” lexile level.  As they work successfully, the program will adjust to keep up with their individual needs.

    5.  Each day my classes work on grammar skills through Daily Language Review.  I give instruction and the kiddos work on the skills and peer review before we go over each question together in class.  At the end of 4 days' instruction, your chilod will take a Language Quiz which incorporates 14 items from that week's skills.  I have told the children that they may certainly take home their Daily Language to review nightly, they just need to be sure they have it every day to work on IN class.  Some people do better with nightly practice and studying rather than waiting until the fourth night to bring home the work and try to be prepared for the quiz the next morning.  With FSA right around the corner, we have been working in our LAFS Grammar Handbook and using IXL ELA skills to reinforce what we are working on in class.

    6.  In Social Studies the class is working on a historical novel, "A Land Remembered" by Patrick D. Smith.  It is a story rich in Florida history.  It follows the lives of the MacIveys, a Florida family battling the hardships of the Florida frontier to carve a life out of the Florida swamp.  

    7.  YAY!  We are now working in Google Classroom.  Your child just needs to sign onto their portal and click "Google Classroom" on their portal desktop.  No code is needed.  This is a great way for your child to work at his/her own pace.  There are several assignments to be completed with instructions, links, and due dates.  Also, there is plenty of practice they can do online that will support what they are learning and help them prepare for upcoming tests.


    8. Library Day is now closed.


    9.  Your child is working on learning cursive handwriting.  I put animated cursive letters on their Goole classroom so they can watch how each letter is formed.  We have been practicing upper and lower case letters as well as writing their own and classmate's names.  They are doing well and seem to enjoy the change from print to cursive.


    10. The 4th nine week AR goal word goal is 200,000 words and one biography book worth one point or higher with an 80% or better.  The AR goal period for the 4th nine weeks begins Wednesday, 3/21/18 and ends Friday, 5/18/18.


    Congratulations to the following students for meeting their 4th nine week 200,000 word goal and one biography worth 1 point or more and a test passed with 80% or higher:


    Dickey:   Andrew R., Cullen B., Brooke R., Mary Frances B., Stephen F., Evan R., Jolie B.

    Brooks: Brayden E.,  Alejandra P., Luke T., Savannah J., Parker T., Mason C., Darean Z., Nida D., John S., Dylan H., Addison K., Cambriah G.



    There will be a 4th grade Millionaire Club Celebration held on May 17th from 2:00-4:00 pm by invitation ONLY



    Addison Kasten  (3,000,000 words)

    Cullen Briggs (2,000,000 words)

    Luke Tull

    Andrew Rowley

    Alejandra Perez

    Brayden Earnest

    Evan Raines

    Parker Tew

    John Schneider

    Mason Cunningham

    Mary Frances Brooks

    Darean Zaqzouq