•  What’s Happening?



    1. Please look over your child’s planner to see what they are doing in class and what they are learning. Remember to also check the parent portal, to keep track of your child’s academic progress.

    2. Thank you for checking your emails and CLASS DOJO and also by communicating your questions and concerns through these means. It is truly an efficient way to communicate.

    3. Your child is now using Kid Biz.  Kid Biz is a computerized program where your child is reading non-fiction material.  After the initial testing in the program, your child has been given a lexile score.  All the material is presented to them in their “just right” lexile level.  As they work successfully, the program will adjust to keep up with their individual needs.  Kid Biz is essential for reading non-fiction text.  They will need to be able to read and comprehend at their grade specific level for the FSA.  

    4.  In Social Studies we are presently working on map skills in our interactive notebooks.  These notebooks will be graded.  

    5.  YAY!  We are working in Google Classroom. This is a great way for your child to work at his/her own pace.  There are several assignments to be completed with instructions, links, and due dates.  Also, there is plenty of practice they can do online that will support what they are learning and help them prepare for upcoming tests.  If your child does NOT complete their daily assignments in Google Classroom, they need to complete it for HOMEWORK that evening.

    6. Library Day is on Tuesdays.  Please be sure your child has ALL his/her library books here for checkouts and/or renewals.  Also, remind your child that need to have a book to read in my class EVERY DAY.

    7.  Your child is working on reading contemporary fiction.  The text is not easy and requires them to grapple with it independently in order to grow.  Many of my kiddos rely on help in order to complete their work.  This is an area where they need to show improvement.

    8. The Reading word count goal for the 2nd nine weeks is 200,000 read with an 85% or higher average on tests. (AR and MyOn)  The goal period started October 11, 2019  and ends December 19, 2019.  In addition, your child MUST complete ONE historical fiction book worth 1 point or more and pass the A.R. test with an 80% or better.  AT LEAST 100,000 words must come from Accelerated Reader. This year I will count BOTH Accelerated Reader words read as well as MyOn words read.


    Congratulations to the following students for meeting their 1st nine week word count goal of 100,000 words: 


    Dickey:   Colburn M., Sato R., Sydney Q., Lauren M.

    Miller:  Julynn S., Brandon K., David F., Elias Z., Brody K., Sarah B., London F., Keeghan H., Maurya S., Rylie F., Walker S., Dominick A., Kalelah E., Canirra H.


    There will be a 4th grade Millionaire Club Celebration held at the end of the year by invitation ONLY