Panther Pride Trait of the Month for November and December: THANKFULNESS

    - Conscious of benefit received; well pleased; consider others, consider others, consider others; be aware of what you are receiving, and the effort it cost others; recognize and appreciate your blessings; be honest and look for something good in every situation; remember to say “Please” and “Thank you”; encourage others to find the good in every situation; even when things seem to be going wrong, think about how things could be worse; pay attention to the things you do have (don’t focus on the things you don’t have); help others who are not as fortunate as you; show your gratitude by taking care of your belongings; offer help at home, in the classroom, etc.

    -from GoodCharacter.com


    ixl: I carefully select these skills based on what we are studying in class.  Students should work on these skills as they are assigned each week. They are meant as extra practice to help achieve mastery BEFORE taking the weekly grammar test and the math chapter tests and Learning Checks.  Students need to achieve 80% or higher on each assigned skill to receive full credit (100%). Students achieving 100% on every skill will earn extra credit (105%). I will take an ixl participation grade for both language arts and math right before interims and again right before report cards.


    I post the upcoming skills each Friday which means we have not yet covered those skills in class.  Those interested can get an idea of what will be covered in class the next week.  The students will be given time in class to complete them, but I understand that students work at different speeds and may want to work on them at home as well.  Many skills are quickly learned with the ixl tutorial, but if your child is frustrated, please hold off on that skill until we have covered it in class. I do not want the students practicing skills incorrectly, and I need to assist the students as needed.  Thank you for your help.  :)


    This Week's Language Arts Skills: C.4, C.5, FF.1    (Quarter 2 Language Arts Skills: 5th Grade BB.7 & BB.8, PP.3)


    This Week's Math Skills: A.14, E.8, L.7    (Quarter 2 Math Skills: A.15, D.4, L.9)


    This week in KidBiz: "High Power, Low Cost" & "Golden Age Selfies"--Activities only: Students are to complete both assigned activities with an assigned partner, by Thursday, 11/29.



    AR GOAL: Read 20 minutes each night (or more!) to meet this quarter’s goal of 200,000 words with an average of 85% or higher.  Goal is due by 3:00 on Wednesday, December 19th.  I can break down your child's AR books into smaller pieces to help reach the 200,000 word goal. A good rule of thumb for fourth grade is about a point a day. So, if the book is worth 3 points, your child should be able to read it in about three to four days, if reading on his/her recreational reading level.




    Monday-Friday, 11/19-11/23: Thanksgiving Break: I hope you have a wonderful time enjoying each other over the break.  :)  Thank you for all that you do every day to help our class run more smoothly.  I appreciate you!


    Monday, 11/26: return Progress Report slip signed & Work Folder; Grammar Unit Review Test (nouns--see "Grammar" on "This Week In Class" page); study Science Motion Vocab. Study Guide/Quizlet--three different ways; work on Science Fair Project (see "This Week in Class" under "Science" for project-ideas websites); work on KidBiz "High Power, Low Cost" & "Golden Age Selfies"--both with assigned partner; Good News Club (2:05-3:40) in Media Center & Science Lab)--pick up in front car line at 3:40


    Tuesday, 11/27: study Science Motion Vocab. S.G./Quizlet--three different ways; work on Science Fair Project; work on KidBiz "High Power, Low Cost" & "Golden Age Selfies"--both with assigned partner; Media Production Club (2:00-3:00); Panther Sound (2:00-3:00); Papa John's Spirit Night


    Wednesday, 11/28: study Science Motion Vocab. S.G./Quizlet--three different ways; work on Science Fair Project; work on KidBiz "High Power, Low Cost" & "Golden Age Selfies"--both with assigned partner; Morning Running Club 7:15-7:30 (must have permission slip signed); Panther Pipes (2:05-3:00)


    Thursday, 11/29: Go Math! Chapter 5 Test (factors & multiples & patterns); study Science Motion Vocab. S.G. & have signed/Quizlet--three different ways; work on Science Fair Project; work on KidBiz "High Power, Low Cost" & "Golden Age Selfies"--both with assigned partner and due by bedtime


    Friday, 11/30: Grammar Test (action verbs); Science Motion Vocab. Test; 100 multiplication facts test;  study SS Chapter 2 Content Test Study Guide (Test Wed., Dec. 5); work on Science Fair Project; 150,000 words to be on pace to meet 200,000 word goal by Wednesday, December 19th




    Monday-Friday, 12/3-12/7: Science Fair Project Board & Log due

    Wednesday, 12/5: Early Dismissal (12:05)

    Thursday, 12/6: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night; Panther Sound Winter Program/Kona Ice/Santa Under the Stars





    I met with the students today to discuss their project. Please look over your child's proposal sheet for revisions or comments. Per Marion County School District, students are not to do any projects that involve germs, bacteria, and/or animals. Some projects just needed a little tweaking, while others needed an overhaul. If your child has to resubmit the proposal, have him/her write it on a sheet of notebook paper and staple it to the proposal sheet. I'll meet with those students again to make sure it is an experiment that can be done. If you just want to send in the question on Monday, and fill out the rest after I approve it, that is fine as well. Thank you for your help. :)



    Despite the fact that there is no district-wide Book Bowl competition, we will continue to have Sunshine Book Club meetings. The Sunshine Book Club is open to all interested students in grades 3-5 who have read the SSYRA book we will be discussing on the specified date. We will do an activity based on a different Sunshine State Book each week and answer trivia questions about the books. There will likely be spoilers for the books at our meetings!

    We meet selected Wednesdays from 2-3 pm. Pick up is at the front car line at 3:05. Below is the current schedule of Book Bowl meetings.

    Schedule of Meetings

    1. Sept 19- The Ark Plan
    2. Oct 3- The Doublecross: (and Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy)
    3. Oct 10-Spirit Week Showdown
    4. Oct 17- Lemons
    5. Nov 7- Ugly Cat and Pablo
    6. Nov 14- Dragons and Marshmallows
    7. Nov 28- I Love You, Michael Collins
    8. Dec 12- Lights, Camera, Cook!
    9. Jan 9- Podkin One-Ear
    10. Jan 16- Overboard!
    11. Jan 30- Wish
    12. Feb 6- The Great Treehouse War
    13. Feb 13- Home Sweet Motel
    14. Feb 20- A True Home
    15. March 6- The Sweetest Sound


    Wish List Items:

    For those of you who just HAVE to go that extra mile...  :)

    - individually wrapped hard candy for class incentives

    - small trinkets (non-food items) to be used for class incentives (ex.: shells, crafty things, bookmarks, etc.)




    • Monday-Thursday 45 minutes
    • If they need to stay inside to continue working/studying, they may
    • They may go to the Media Center Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:00-3:00
    • They may go to the Computer Lab Monday-Thursday from 2:00-4:30




    • Open every Tuesday & Thursday from 2:15-3:00 for AR tests.  If you would like to bring your child into the media center, you must pick up your child in car line and then come to the front office to sign in.  
    • Sunshine State Book Bowl Club began September 19th; however, no district-wide Book Bowl this year
    • Volunteers are needed!! Please contact Natalia Jimenez if you are able to volunteer regularly in the library, OR if you have a spare moment on campus. Any and all help will be appreciated.




    The uniform store is open Friday mornings at 7:15




    Quarter 1 Language Arts Skills: F.1, F.2, F.3, CC.1, CC.2, CC.3, CC.4, CC.5, CC.10

    Quarter 1 Math Skills: A.1, A.2, A.8, A.12, B.1, B.2, C.1, C.2, D.3, D.9, D.13

    Quarter 1 Language Arts Skills: A.1, C.3, D.1, D.2, M.2, M.3, N.4, CC.7, CC.8, CC.9, DD.3, DD.4, QQ.6

    Quarter 1 Math Skills: A.3, D.1, D.2, D.6, D.7, D.8, D.10, D.11, D.12, D.16, D.18, D.19, D.20

    Quarter 2 Language Arts Skills: C.1, C.2, E.4, L.3, N.3, N.5, DD.2, DD.8, DD.10, DD.11, DD.12, DD.13, NN.1, OO.2, 5th Grade BB.9)

    Quarter 2 Math Skills: A.9, B.5, C.3, D.5, D.14, D.15, D.25, E.1, E.2, E.4, E.5, E.7, E.9, E.11, E.16)