• Our district homework requirement for elementary schools is for the student to read or be read to for 20 minuters each night. The book should be one selected by the child.  You are encouraged to discuss the books with your child as your read.  Ask questions about who the main character is, what the main topic is and what details support that.  The roles of the author and illustrator are difficult for students to figure out, so talk about that as well as the genre of the book.  Children have trouble understanding that fiction means the story is made up and non-fiction means the text is true and informational, so that is a topic to discuss with each book. 

    I would appreciate you reviewing all work your child brings home.  Have them go over it with you so they can share what they have learned and you can help with any misunderstanings or problems.  As I said at parent night, if your child does the worksheets they bring home, I will review them when they are returned.

    If your child is having trouble with work in class, I will send it home to be completed as homework.