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    Quarter 1


    LAFS.2.RL.1.3  Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges. 

    LAFS.2.RI.1.3 Describe the connection betwen a series of historical events, scientific ideas or concepts, or steps

    LAFS.2.RL.2.5 Describe the overall structure of a story, including describing how the begining introduces the story and the ending concludes the action. 


    Rewards for Reading at Home and Filling in the R.E.D. (READ EVERY DAY) folder:

    Quarter 2- Bring a stuffed animal to school (one day) and 1 MOES MOOLA

    Quarter 3- Freezer Pops (one time) and 1 MOES MOOLA

    Quarter 4- Cookie party (one day) and 1 MOES MOOLA 

    Students who read each night and write down the books read on the Reading Log will receive the reward each quarter



    Spelling and Vocabulary words:  (SCROLL DOWN FOR ADDITIONAL LISTS)


    For Test, Thursday, September 7, 2017:

    Spelling words:  (Consonant blends):   grass, trips, crack, still, west, mask, clap, plans, milk, belt 

    Vocabulary Words: (Know the definitions and how to read the words.   The student does not need to know how to spell the words.)

    1. decide- making up my mind

    2. different- not the same

    3. friendship- being pals and helping each other

    4. glance- to look quickly

    5. proper- act in a certain way

    6. relationship- having a connection with someone

    7. stares- look at something for a while with eyes open

    8. trade- give one thing away to get something else 


    For Tests, Friday, September 22, 2017:

    9/22/17 Tested Spelling words: (Short a, and Long a, plus some High Frequency words): 

    Short a words:     bag, cap, ham, back, mad

    Long a words:  ate, cape, made, rake, bake

    High Frequency words:   still, belt, into, done, your


    9/22/17 Tested Vocabulary words and definitions (Students need to know how to READ the words and the definitions!)

    1. roams- moves around freely

    2. allowed- you have permission to do something

    3. care- you meet something's needs when you care about it

    4. excited- worked up about something that happened

    5. safe- free from harm or danger

    6. wandered- moving around looking for something

    7. wild- a place in nature where animals live

    8. needs- things a person or animal must have


    For Tests, Friday, September 29, 2017:

    9/29/17 Tested Spelling Words: (Short i, Long i: i_e)

    Short i:  did, fin, pick, tip, mix

    Long i:  line, five, side, hike, pipe

    Review and High Frequency words:  cape, made, all, any, says


    9/29/17 Vocabulary Words and Definitions Test (STUDENTS MUST KNOW HOW TO READ AND MATCH ALL WORDS AND DEFINITIONS without help reading the words or definitions).

    1.  check- look closely at something

    2. choose- decide on one thing rather than another

    3. chores- small jobs you do around the house

    4. cost- how much you have to pay for something

    5. customers- people who buy something from a store or company

    6. jobs- work that people do to earn money

    7. spend- use money to buy or pay for something

    8. tools- equipment used to make or repair things


    Spelling and Vocabulary Tests for Friday, October 6, 2017:

    10/6/17 Tested Spelling words:

    Short o words:  box, fox, dog, lock, pot

    Long o words:  cone, home, nose, poke, rope

    Review and High Frequency Words:  side, line, have, off, took


    10/6/17 Vocabulary Words and Definitions Test (Students MUST know how TO READ and MATCH all WORDS and DEFINITIONS without help reading the words or definitions).

    1. adapt- adjust to a new place or situation

    2. climate- weather a place usually has

    3. eager- you want to do something very much

    4. freedom- you can do what you and and go where you want

    5. fresh- new, not spoiled

    6. sense- a feeling you have about something

    7. shadows- dark shapes that are made when something is in front of a light

    8. silence- still and quiet, no noise


    Spelling and Vocabulary Tests for Friday, October 13, 2017:

    10/13/17 Tested Spelling words:

    Short u words:  cub, dug, hum, fun, must

    Long u words:  mule, fuse, use, huge

    Review and High Frequency words:  rope, nose, look, yes, their


    10/13/17 Tested Vocabulary Words: (Know the definitions and how to read the words and definitions, and match the words to the definitions.   The student does not need to know how to spell the words.)

    1. believe- you think something is true

    2. delicious- something tastes very good

    3. feast- eat a large or fancy meal

    4. fond- you like something or someone a lot

    5. lessons- things you can learn ideas or rules from

    6. remarkable- wonderful or outstanding

    7. snatch- grab something quickly

    8. stories- made-up tales


    10/20/17 Soft g and c, and Review and High Frequency Tested Spelling Words

    badge, barge, bulge, range, cage, place, trace, ice, space, mice, mule, huge, out, wash, saw


    10/20/17 Tested Vocabulary Words: 

     1. buried- covered up or hidden

    2. escape- able to get out of it or away from it

    3. habitat- place where an animal or plant usually lives or grows

    4. journey- trip

    5. nature- all things outdoors, not made by people

    6. peeks- quick look

    7. restless- can't sit still or quiet

    8. spies- person watches for something and sees it


    10/27/17 Tested Words with Consonant Digraphs ch, tch, sh, ph, th, ng, wh, and Review and High Frequency Spelling Words:

    catch, trash, shape, phone, that, thin, bring, chop, sting, while, place, badge, seven, isn't, early


    10/27/17 Tested Vocabulary Words:

    adult- someone or something that is fully grown

    alive- something that is living

    covered-  If something is covered, something is all over it. 

    fur- thick animal hair

    giant- very large

    groom- to clean

    mammal- a warm-blooded animal that feeds milk to its babies

    offspring- children of people or animals  


    11/3/17 Testing Spelling Words with Three-Letter Blends scr, spr, str, thr, spl, shr, and Review and High Frequency Words:

    scratch, scrape, spring, throne, stripe, strange, shred, shrub, splash, split, catch, sting, far, fewer, flower, until


    11/3/17 Tested Vocabulary Words:

    behave- act in a way that is good or correct

    flapping- to move up and down

    express- tell or show how you feel about something

    feathers-  soft things that cover a bird's body 

    poem-  a form of writing that expresses imagination or feelings

    rhythm- repeating accents or beats in a poem

    rhyme- when two words have the same ending sound

    word choice-  rich, colorful exact words



    11/10/17 Tested Spelling Words with Long a, Review and High Frequency Words:

    Nail, train, main, hay, stay, break, steak, weigh, sleigh, prey, scrape, strange, good, often, two


    11/10/17 Tested Vocabulary Words:

    amazing- something surprising and wonderful

    force- a push or pull that can change how something moves

    measure- to find out the size of it

    objects- things that you can see and touch

    proved- you showed that something is true

    speed- how fast or slow something is moving

    true- it is correct

    weight- how heavy something is


    November 17, 2017 Spelling TESTED words: (Unit 3, Week 4)

    Long e:   we, bee, need, queen, mean, leaf, thief, chief,

    Other words: pony, keys, grow, toe, after, every, special


    November 17, 2017 Vocabulary TESTED words and definitions:

    damage- injury or harm that comes to something

    dangerous- not safe and could harm you

    destroy- to break something so that it cannot be used

    event- something that happens

    harsh- difficult and does not feel good

    prevent- stop something from happening

    warning- something that lets people know that something dangerous may happen

    weather- what the air is like at a certain place and time



    December 1, 2017 Spelling TESTED words: (Unit 3, Week 5)

    Words with Long u: u_e, ew, ue, u:   cute, cube, fumes, music, unit, menu, few, pew, fuel, cues

    Other words: pony, queen, began, come, give


    December 1, 2017 Vocabulary TESTED words and definitions:

    cheered- shouted with happiness or praise

    concert- a musical performance played by a number of musicians

    instrument- tool used to make music

    movements- ways of moving

    rhythm- the repeating of sounds or movements to catch a beat

    sounds- noises that can be heard

    understand- you know what something means



    December 8, 2017 Spelling TESTED words: (Unit 4, Week 4):

    Words with eer, ere, ear: deer, cheers, steer, here, jeer, near, ear, dear, clear, spear,

    Other words: store, north, again, house, inside


    December 8, 2017 Vocabulary TESTED words and definitions:

    ashamed- embarrassed or sorry about something

    boast- brag about something

    dash- go somewhere quickly and suddenly

    holler- yell or shout

    plenty- a lot of something so that you have enough

    similarities- things are much the same in certain ways

    victory- winning a game or contest

    wisdom- knowing what is right and using what you know to make smart choices


    December 15, 2017 Spelling TESTED words: (Unit 4, Week 5):

    Words with are, air, ear, ere: dare, stare, fare, hair, pair, chair, bear, pear, where, there

    Other words: dear, cheers, knew, never, talk


    December 15, 2017 Vocabulary TESTED words and definitions:

    pale- a very light color

    excite- things that make a person feel happy or eager

    outdoors- outside and not inside a building

    drops- small amounts of liquid that fall in a round shape

    alliteration- a poem with the same beginning sounds in words

                    (Example: Alice ate an apple at her aunt’s abode.)

    free verse- a poem where words do not need to rhyme

    repetition- repeating words or phrases in a poem

    simile- uses the words “like” or “as” to make a comparison

                 (Example: Bill was as fast as a cricket.)