• 1.  Science Project Proposal:  Please fill out neatly and turn in.

    2.  Research Plan:  Please TYPE your information for your science project and turn in.  RESEARCH PLAN WORD DOCUMENT  See Project Categories and Descriptions


    3.  Forms:  All Students must fill out forms 1, 1A, 1B, and 3.  Fill out the form and obtain signatures where applicable.

        Form 1

        Form 1A

        Form 1B

        Form 3:  The designated supervisor can be a parent.

    4.  If your project entails vertebrate animals, human test subjects, and fungi or bacteria, then you will need to fill out these additional


    Form 2:  Qualified Scientist Form-A parent can act as a qualified scientist who will supervise your project.

    Form 4A-Human Test Subjects:  A medical "expert" needs to sign off.  Think Doctor or Nurse.

    Form 4-Sample Consent Form.  Human test subjects need to obtain parent signatures if they are under the age of 18.   

    Form 5A-Vertebrate Animals.  You must have a veternarian sign off on the form.

    Form 6A-Hazardous biological agents such as bacteria or fungi

    Form 6B-Human or vertebrate animal tissue form.  If the tissue comes from a grocery store, then you don't need to fill out this form.

    Project Continuation Form 7:  If you are continuing the project from a previous year, you fill out this form.


     Project Display Board Instructions

     Abstract Instructions


    Fillable Abstract Form


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