Welcome to 6th Grade World History

Welcome to Ancient Civilizations


    Ancient Civilizations

    This course is packed with exciting history uncovering the past. Starting with the Stone Ages and Early Cultures we will make our way through Ancient Egypt, India, China, Greece all the way to the Roman Empire, Islamic World and Africa. Then we will move to the Empires of Asia and the Americas. And we will finish the year learning about the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe. Our classroom will transform us in Archeologists and Explorers researching the past and making new discoveries every day. It will be filled with fun facts, activities, and research.


    I will teach my students everything they need to be successful in this class. But it is the students responsibility to show up on time and be ready and prepared and to work hard. It will be a great school year if we all do "our job". Students are expected to finish their assignment and turn them in on time. They need to keep up with the note books as it is essential to learning and connceting events in history.








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  • Welcome back to our Second Semester!

    I am looking forward to a great second semester. We will be changing a few routines.

    • Homework will not be regularly. It will be used when students need more time for certain assignments. Reminders will be sent out.
    • Exit-Tickets will count as a classwork grade. They give instant feedback of student participation and understanding and need to be taken serious.
    • Instead of chapter exams we will be doing weekly quizzes. Each quiz will have 5 questions about the weekly subject as well as 5 questions about previous lessons as a review. There will also be an "active thinking" part to explain their understanding of the questions.
    • Assignments will not be accepted when turned in late.
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