• Bellwork 04-02/04-03

    Use the timeline on page 472-473 to complete the following 3 questions.

    1. When did John Brown attack the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia?

    2. What happened in South Carolina the year after the incident at Harpers Ferry?

    3. Slave narratives and abolitionist books, such as Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin," helped people in the United States and Europe learn about the harsh realities of slavery. When was "

    4. Uncle Tom's Cabin" published?



    Bellwork 03-26/03-27 

    In complete sentences explain what you think Nat Turner's slave rebellion accomplished. 



    Bellwork 03-21/03-22 

    Use the timeline on p.410-411 to answer the following 4 questions. 

    1. What did Eli Whitney invent in 1793? 
    1. In what year did the U.S. Congress ban the import of slaves into the country? 
    1. Which two countries limited aspects of slavery and the slave trade prior to the 1808 U.S. ban? 
    1. What effect did Nat Turner's Rebellion in 1831 have? 

    Bellwork 03-19/03-20 

    Please remove all the loose bellwork assignments in your folder. If you need paper, please let me know. View example of how to lay out bellwork. Today your bellwork is to explain in complete sentences what you will do to be successful in the 4th quarter and finish the school year strong. 


    Bellwork 02-23/02-26 

    Think about some inventions that exist. Brainstorm how some of these inventions have changed how people live their day to day lives. 


    Bellwork 02-21/02-22 

    What were some of the hardships that people moving out into the western territories of the United States faced? What were some issues the country faced while expanding westward? 


    Bellwork 02-14/02-15 

    Based on what you have learned so far, was the U.S. justified in going to war with Mexico? Answer in complete sentences. 



    Bellwork 02-09/02-12 

    What were some of the issues that led Texas to become independent, and then join the United States. 



    Bellwork 02-07/02-08 

    Use the timeline on page 342-343 to answer the following 4 questions in complete sentences. 

    1. When did the United States declare war against Mexico? 
    1. With what nation did the United States agree to joint occupation of Oregon Country in 1827? 
    1. How long after John Jacob Astor founded the fur-trading post Astoria was gold found in California? 
    1. Based on the timeline, what are some major themes in this chapter? 


    Bellwork 02-05/02-06 

    Use the timeline on page 318-319 to answer the following 4 questions in complete sentences. 

    1. In what year was Andrew Jackson elected president? 
    1. What did Andrew Jackson veto in 1832? 
    1. What is the Trail of Tears, and when did it begin? 
    1. What major contribution did Sequoya make, and when? 



    Bellwork 02-02 

    Pick any topic we have covered up until this point and describe it in complete sentences. 


    Bellwork 01-31/02-01 

    After watching the video answer the following questions: 

    1. What is nullification? 
    1. Why did South Carolina want to nullify laws? 
    1. What action did president Jackson take to keep South Carolina from nullifying these laws?  

    Bellwork 01-29/01-30 

    After watching the video explain the corrupt bargain that occurred during the election of 1824. What was the corrupt bargain of 1824? 



    Bellwork 01-25/01-26 

    Describe in complete sentences what the Monroe Doctrine's message to Europe was? 

    What is nationalism? 



    Bellwork 01-23/01-24 

    How might the war of 1812 have brought about feelings of national pride in the United States? 



    Bellwork 01-19/01-22 

    Use the timeline on p.294-295 to answer the following 4 questions. 

    1. In what year did James Monroe become president? 
    1. What two major U.S. events happened during Monroe's presidency? 
    1. When did Mexico and Peru gain their independence from Spain? 
    1. Which country was founded by freed American slaves and when? 


    Bellwork 01-17/01-18 

    In complete sentences explain what some of the causes that led the United States into war with Great Britain in 1812. 



    Bellwork 01-12/01-16 

    List as many facts about the Louisiana Purchase as you can recall, and explain why it was such a big deal! 



    Bellwork 01-10/01-11 

    In complete sentences describe some of the events that occurred during or after the election of Thomas Jefferson in 1800. 


    Bellwork 01-08/01-09

    Using the timeline on p. 262-263, answer the following four questions.

    1. Who led a slave rebellion in Haiti in 1802 that defeated a French army?

    2. When did the British Empire abolish the slave trade?

    3. Whom did the United States go to war against during this time period, and when did the war begin?

    4. Which event do you think led to the expansion of the United States?


    Bellwork 01-03/01-04

    In complete sentences explain what you will do to achieve success in this class and other classes during the second half of the year.


    Bellwork 12-11/12-12

    Empty out all of the years bellwork and ask for paper if your folder needs any.


    Bellwork 11-29/11-30

    What does it mean if someone interprets the constitution loosely?

    What does it mean if someone interprets the constitution strictly?

    Can you recall who thought the constitution should be interpreted loosely and who thought it should be interpreted strictly?

    Bellwork 11-27/11-28

    Use the timeline on p.230-231 to answer the following 4 questions in complete sentences:

    1. When did Washington become the first president?

    2. What other event began that same year?

    3. What did Native American leaders sign in 1795?

    4. Who was elected as the second president of the United States in 1796?


    Bellwork 11-16/11-17

    How did compromise enable the Constitutional Convention to reach consensus (agreement)?


    Bellwork 11-14/11-15

    Use the timeline on p. 178-179 to answer the following 4 questions in complete sentences.

    1- What year did the U.S. Constitution go into effect?

    2- What became part of the U.S. Constitution on December 15, 1791?

    3- How and when did the 19th Amendment change voting rights?

    4- How and when did the 26th Amendment change voting rights?

    Bellwork 11-10/11-13 

    In complete sentences explain what you can remember about Alexander Hamilton. 


    Bellwork 11-08/11-09 

    In at least one complete sentence list 2 weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and why they were a problem. 


    Bellwork 11-06/11-07 

    Watch the video and answer the following question. What were some of the weaknesses of the government under the first constitution known as the Articles of Confederation?  


    Bellwork 11-02/11-03 

    Use the timeline on page 148-149 to answer the following sentences in complete sentences. 

    1.  How many years after the Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation were they ratified  by all 13 states? 
    1. When did the United States begin using the dollar currency? 
    1. What happened the same year that the Bill of Rights was ratified? 

    Bellwork 10-31/11-01 

    Which documents from the DBQ will help you make your argument? Which one may help you with your counter claim? 


    Bellwork 10-27/10-31 

    How revolutionary was the Amercian Revolution? 


    Bellwork 10-25/10-26 

    In complete sentences explain how much you think life changed for people in the United States after the American Revolution. 


    Bellwork 10-19/10-20 

    How was if  possible for the colonists to gain their independence from Great Britain? 


    Bellwork 10-17/10-18 

    Remove all of the 1st quarter work out of your folders. Make sure you have paper. Review procedures for bellwork. 


    Bellwork 10-12/10-13 

    In at least 3 complete sentences describe the challenges that the Continental Army faced during the early years of the war. (supplies, wins, losses, Trenton, Saratoga, etc.) 


    Bellwork 10-10/10-11 

    After watching the video, in complete sentences explain how the speed of communication during revolutionary times could affect efforts to fight a war. 


    Bellwork 10-6/10-9 

    Using the timeline on page 108 and 109 please answer the following questions in complete sentences: 

    1. What year did the American Revolution begin, and end? 
    1. When did colonial leaders issue the Declaration of Independence? 
    1. What other countries fought against Britain during the American Revolution? 
    1. Where and when did the British surrender to George Washington?  


    Bellwork 10-4/10-5 

    After watching the video on the Stamp Act explain how the colonists reacted to this and other taxes. How would a digital Stamp Act affect citizens today? 

    Bellwork 10-02/10-03 

    In complete sentences write down causes and/or effects of the French and Indian War. Also, list any other effects of the American Revolutionary War that you can recall

    Bellwork 09-25/09-26 

    In complete sentences explain if you think something like the Salem Witch Trials could happen again with different characteristics such as religion, gender, race, etc. 

    Bellwork 09-18/09-19 

    In complete sentences write down ways you prepared for the storm, ways you passed time while school was out, and if you lost power what did you do to stay cool and eat? 


    Bellwork 09-05/09-06 

    If you were going to charter a new colony on another planet, why would you? List reasons in complete sentences. 


    Bellwork 08-30/08-31 

    Imagine you were a settler on the first ship that landed in Jamestown. What would be the first thing you would need to? Answer in complete sentences. 



    Bellwork 08-28/ 08-29

    In complete sentences make a predictions as to why you think Great Britain started their first colonies in North America.


    Bellwork 08-25 

    How did Columbus's voyage lead to a new system of trade between Europe, Africa, and North America? 


    Bellwork 08-23 


    How did the relationships between Native Americans and Europeans develop, and how was it similar or different from your original prediction? 


    Bellwork 08-21 


    In at least 3 complete sentences predict how you think the relationships between Native Americans and European will develop and why?