Welcome to fourth grade!! As you may have heard, my standards for conduct and academic growth are high. The following are my requirements and expectations for all of my students.


    DAILY: All penmanship should be in your child’s best handwriting. Secondly, written class work should be done on loose-leaf notebook paper, properly headed, completed as instructed, and turned in promptly. Any work completed at home should be transported to school inside the binder that will also contain the Student Planner. This planner will list all classroom assignments. We will highlight anything that needs to be completed that day, studying, projects, and tests. Please ask your child about these assignments and initial the planner each day--especially on Friday (see “Weekly” below). This is to keep you informed and your child accountable for his/her daily work.


    WEEKLY: On Friday, I will take a math ixl participation grade based on your child's completion of that week's assigned ixl skills. Students must achieve a Smart Score of 80% or higher on a skill to receive credit for completion. Additioinally, your child’s  checked papers, graded tests, and handouts will be sent home in their binder for you to take out, go through, and review (please review!) with your child. Each Friday I will also update my webpage before leaving school. On my webpage, you will find the skills we will be working on the following week; this is a good resource to help your child study for upcoming tests or to get a glimpse of the new ixl skills that will need to be completed that week.


    MONTHLY: On my webpage’s homepage I have a section for upcoming events. Please note dates of tests and project due dates. Science Notebooks may go home to study for unit tests but must come back to school to be graded.


    QUARTERLY: When interims and report cards go home, please look them over, sign the attached slip, and return the slip to school the next school day.


              I strive to develop in each child the ability to be organized, neat, resourceful, confident, responsible, proud, self-disciplined, and independent. Students are expected to utilize their class time wisely and read at home for at least 20 minutes each night. Since all students work at different paces, if your child needs to complete work at home, I encourage it to be done by the child with your guidance and supervision only when necessary. Reading, science, and social studies essay questions must be rephrased and answered using complete sentences. Correct spelling and complete sentences are necessary to improve skills. Should your child be absent from school, s/he will be given two days to complete any make-up work. Completing and turning in all assignments on time is important in building concepts and responsibility, and in retaining skills.

              Please contact me at school to discuss your child and any problem s/he may be experiencing. You can reach me via email at Debra.Miller@marion.k12.fl.us. You can also contact me by phone at (352) 671-7260. I will return emails and/or phone messages as soon as possible.

              With your support, we will have an exciting and successful school year. Our teamwork is the key to best serve your child!