• Wonders Reading Vocabulary


    Unit 1

     The Princess and the Pizza Vocabulary (U1W1)  

    (1) brainstorm – solve a problem by having group members all contribute ideas freely 

    (2) gracious – to show kindness and courtesy

    (3) flattened – made flatter, or more level or smooth 

    (4) frantically – to act wildly excited due to worry or fear

    (5) muttered – spoken in a low, unclear way

    (6) official – to be properly approved or authorized

    (7) original – to do, make, or think of something new or different

    (8) stale – old or not fresh


    Experts, Incorporated Vocabulary (U1W2)

    (1) accountable – to be responsible 

    (2) advise – to give one’s opinion or to inform

    (3) desperately – to try anything to change a hopeless situation 

    (4) hestitated – waited or stopped, especially because of feeling unsure

    (5) humiliated – to be made to feel ashamed or foolish

    (6) inspiration – a person or thing that stirs the mind, feelings, or imagination

    (7) self-esteem – to have respect for oneself

    (8) uncomfortably – uneasily


    Earthquakes Vocabulary (U1W3)

    (1) alter – to make different or change 

    (2) collapse – to fall down or cave in

    (3) crisis – a difficult or dangerous situation

    (4) destruction – great damage or ruin

    (5) hazard – something that can cause harm or injury

    (6) severe – very harsh or serious

    (7) substantial – of a great amount or size

    (8) unpredictable – not able to tell beforehand


    A Crash Course in Forces and Motion with Max Axiom, Super Scientist Vocabulary (U1W4)

    (1) accelerate – to move or cause to move faster

    (2) advantage – something that is helpful or useful

    (3) capabilities – to have the needed skills, powers, or abilities

    (4) friction – a force between surfaces that slows objects or stops them from moving

    (5) gravity – a force that pulls objects toward each other

    (6) identity – who a person is or what a thing is

    (7) inquiry – a search for information

    (8) thrilling – to be exciting


    Kids in Business Vocabulary (U1W5)

    (1) compassionate – to be sympathetic 

    (2) enterprise – something difficult or important that a person plans or tries to do

    (3) exceptional – to be extraordinary

    (4) funds – money that is ready for use

    (5) innovative – new or done in a new way

    (6) process – a series of actions performed when making or doing something

    (7) routine – a fixed way or method of doing something

    (8) undertaking – something someone decides to do or start



    Unit 2

    The Secret Message Vocabulary (U2W1)

    (1) attracted – drew the attention of 

    (2) dazzling – so bright it is almost blinding

    (3) fabric – a material that is woven or knitted, such as cloth

    (4) greed – a very great and selfish desire to have or get something

    (5) honest – truthful, fair, and trustworthy

    (6) requested – asked for

    (7) soared – flew very high in the air

    (8) trudged – walked steadily and slowly


    Ranita, The Frog Princess Vocabulary (U2W2)

    (1) annoyed – to feel bothered or irritated 

    (2) attitude – a way of thinking, acting, or feeling

    (3) commotion – a noisy disturbance

    (4) cranky – grouchy or in a bad mood

    (5) familiar – well-known because it was heard or seen before

    (6) frustrated – to feel disappointed by being kept from doing something

    (7) selfish – care only about yourself

    (8) specialty – something that someone does particularly well or gives extra attention to


    The Buffalo Are Back Vocabulary (U2W3)

    (1) crumbled – broke into small pieces 

    (2) droughts – long periods of dry weather without rainfall

    (3) ecosystem – all the living and nonliving things in an area

    (4) extinct – no longer exists

    (5) flourished – thrived or grew strongly

    (6) fragile – delicate and tends to break easily

    (7) imbalance – parts are not in an equal, steady, or secure position

    (8) ripples – forms small waves


    Spiders Vocabulary (U2W4)

    (1) camouflaged – hidden by looking like its surroundings 

    (2) dribble – to flow or let flow in small drops

    (3) extraordinary – very unusual or remarkable

    (4) poisonous – harms or kills by chemical action

    (5) pounce – to leap or spring suddenly in attack

    (6) predator – an animal that lives by hunting other animals for food

    (7) prey – an animal that is hunted by another animal

    (8) vibrations – rapid motions back and forth or up and down


    Poetry Vocabulary (U2W5)

    (1) brittle – easily broken 

    (2) creative – the ability to do something in a new way

    (3) descriptive – describe or tell about something

    (4) outstretched – extended to full length

    (5) metaphor – compares two unlike things 

          Example: The stars are diamonds.

    (6) simile – compares two unlike things using like or as 

          Example: My hands are as cold as ice.

    (7) rhyme – a similarity of sound between words  

          Example: snail and tale 

    (8) meter – the pattern of syllables in a line of poetry



    Unit 3

    The Cricket in Times Square Vocabulary (U3W1)

    (1) acquaintance – someone you know but who is not a close friend 

    (2) cautiously – to do it with care

    (3) complementary – makes something whole or complete

    (4) jumble – a confused mixture or condition

    (5) logical – makes sense and is based on reason 

    (6) scornfully – say it or do it in a way that shows dislike or that you are making fun 

    (7) scrounging – trying to obtain or collect something with difficulty  

    (8) trustworthy – to be reliable


    Aguinaldo Vocabulary (U3W2)

    (1) assigned – given out as a task 

    (2) generosity – a willingness and happiness to share in an unselfish way

    (3) gingerly – to do it carefully or with extreme caution

    (4) mature – to show the qualities of being an adult

    (5) organizations – groups of people who join together for a purpose 

    (6) residents – the people who live in a particular place 

    (7) scattered – to be spread or thrown about  

    (8) selective – very careful with making choices


    Delivering Justice Vocabulary (U3W3)

    (1) boycott – a planned joining with others in refusing to buy from or deal with a person, nation, or business 

    (2) encouragement – support that inspires hope and confidence

    (3) fulfill – to carry out or finish

    (4) injustice – a lack of justice or fairness

    (5) mistreated – treated badly by others 

    (6) protest – object to something 

    (7) qualified – having the needed abilities to do something  

    (8) registered – having a name placed on a list


    Abe’s Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln Vocabulary (U3W4)

    (1) address – a formal speech 

    (2) divided – separated into parts or pieces

    (3) haste – done with quickness in moving or in acting

    (4) opposed – against 

    (5) perish – to disappear or vanish 

    (6) proclamation – an official public announcement of something

    (7) shattered – completely destroyed or ruined  

    (8) tension – mental or emotional strain


    “A New Kind of Corn” Vocabulary (U3W5)

    (1) advancements – improvements that move an idea ahead 

    (2) agriculture – the science and business of raising crops and farm animals

    (3) characteristics – qualities that belong to and help to identify a person or thing

    (4) concern – a worried interest in something

    (5) disagreed – had a different opinion 

    (6) inherit – to receive from one’s parent or parents

    (7) prevalent – commonly accepted, used, or widespread  

    (8) resistance – the act of fighting against or overcoming something



    Unit 4

    “See How They Run” Vocabulary (U4W1)

    (1) amendments – formal changes made according to official procedures

    (2) commitment – a sense of obligation toward something

    (3) compromise – to reach an agreement by having each side give up part of its demands

    (4) democracy – a government that is run by the people who live under it

    (5) eventually – in the end or finally 

    (6) legislation – laws that are made or passed

    (7) privilege – a special right or benefit held by a certain group of people

    (8) version – an account given in a particular way


    “LaRue for Mayor” Vocabulary (U4W2)

    (1) accompanies – “goes along with something” 

    (2) campaign – a series of actions planned and carried out to bring about a particular result

    (3) governor – a person elected to be the head of a state government in the United States

    (4) intend – to have a purpose or plan in mind

    (5) opponent – a person or group that is against another in a fight, contest, or discussion 

    (6) overwhelming – overcoming or overpowering completely

    (7) tolerate – to put up with or endure someone or something  

    (8) weary – to be very tired


    “The Moon Over Star” Vocabulary (U4W3)

    (1) decade – a period of ten years 

    (2) directing – the act of giving instructions, ordering, or commanding

    (3) engineering – the work that uses scientific knowledge for practical things such as building bridges and dams

    (4) gleaming – shining or glowing

    (5) scouted – to have looked at or explored in order to find out and bring back more information 

    (6) squirmed – to have turned and twisted the body

    (7) technology – the use of science for practical purposes, especially in engineering and industry  

    (8) tinkering – puttering or keeping busy in an aimless way


    “Why Does the Moon Change Shape?” Vocabulary (U4W4)

    (1) astronomer – a person who studies the stars and planets 

    (2) crescent – a curve that is wider in the middle and tapered at the ends

    (3) phases – the different stages of the moon

    (4) rotates – turns around on an axis

    (5) series – a number of similar things coming one after another

    (6) sliver – a thin, often pointed piece that has been broken, cut, or torn off

    (7) specific – exact or particular  

    (8) telescope – makes distant objects seem larger and nearer


    “Swimming to the Rock” & “The Moondust Footprint” Vocabulary (U4W5)

    (1) attain – to work hard to achieve a goal 

    (2) dangling – hanging or swinging loosely

    (3) hovering – to stay in one place in the air

    (4) triumph – a great victory or success

    Poetry Terms:

    (5) stanza – an arrangement of a certain number of lines in a poem (think “paragraph”)

    (6) denotation – a word’s definition as found in a dictionary  (cheap = low in cost)

    (7) connotation – what we think about when we hear a word; the feelings we have when we hear it or read it (cheap = poorly made, made with inferior ingredients or products)

    (8) repetition – the repeating of a word or phrase to add rhythm, or emphasize a certain idea (They whirled, and they twirled, and they laughed, and they played.)