• Reading Information


    Oral Reading Fluency and Accuracy Rates

    Target Numbers for 4th Grade:

    Fall - 94 wpm

    Winter - 112 wpm

    Spring - 123 wpm



    • Fluency:  Correct words per minute divided by Target Number (Ex.: Fall Target is 94 wpm.  88/94 = 94%   So, 94% would be entered for fluency in the grade book.)
    • AccuracyNumber of words read correctly divided by Total number of words read  (Ex.: 132/137 = 96%   So, 96% would be entered for accuracy in the grade book.)



    Accelerated Reader Program Home Connect:  

    To view (not take!) AR tests at home:

    Go on the Media Center’s website and click on homeconnect.  Use your child's id number for username and the password is your child’s 2 digit birth month and 4 digit birth year. You can see your child’s records for AR (including vocabulary quizzes). You can also sign up for email alerts and you will get notification each time your child takes a quiz.



    AR Level Look Up & How to Find the Amount of Words in a Book:

    Have books at home that you want to see if they are AR? or wondering how many words are in them?  Go to www.arbookfind.com.  If the book is an AR book, it will give you the reading level, how many points it’s worth, if it’s fiction or non-fiction, etc.  Then, if you click on the title of the book, it will give you more information including how many words are in the book.  This is a great resource when trying to read those final words before the end of the quarter! 



    ACCELERATED READER (Lovingly referred to as “AR”)

    AR is a computerized reading program that allows students to take tests on books and earn rewards as they reach goals. Computers for AR testing are set up in each classroom, the Media Center, and Mr. Yerdon's Computer Lab. 



    The emphasis for AR this year is on successfully passing tests. Prizes will be given to fourth-grade students with 200,000 words and an overall average of 85% correct or higher each nine weeks.

    End of 1st quarter- pencil

    End of 2nd quarter- eraser

    End of 3rd quarter- bookmark

    End of 3rd quarter- Students with an overall average of 85% or higher each of the first three nine weeks will receive a free book at the spring book fair.

    End of 4th quarter- freeze pop


    SUPER READER T-SHIRT:  There will be a drawing each month for a Super Reader t-shirt. Each quiz score of 85% or higher will determine the number of tickets each student has in the drawing.



    AR Level:  At the beginning of each quarter the students will take the STAR Test in Mr. Yerdon’s lab. The results of this test give the students a recreational reading range--what we call their AR level. Most of the books they read and take tests on should be within this level. Students may read above their reading range as long as they are successful by maintaining the 85% or higher requirement. With an emphasis on reading for enjoyment, we do want the students to challenge themselves while they are entertaining themselves.          


    Words Read: Students have a goal of 200,000 words for each nine weeks. Students reaching their AR goal will be rewarded each quarter.  Words will not roll over into the next quarter. By the end of the year, all fourth-grade students should have at least 800,000 words, and those reaching a million words will have a special treat.