All you ever wanted to know about KidBiz and then some:


    -two Activities are due each week (students will be given class time during centers to work on them)

    -four Activities must be completed in class each month in order to adjust Lexile levels accordingly

    -one Activity will be assigned by me (referred to below as the “assigned Activity”)

    -a KidBiz week runs from Friday morning of one week to the next Thursday night; it is important to watch the dates the Activities are completed to make sure at least two Activities are completed in that week’s date range

    -each student's top two “first try” scores will be averaged for his.her weekly KidBiz grade, so students can complete more than two Activities to achieve the grade they desire; the only exception is that the assigned Activity’s “first try” score will always be used in the weekly average

    -if any Activities are missing, a zero will be averaged in its place

    -the story of the day should be completed before searching for other stories

    -students are to complete all steps for each Activity with the exception that they only need to complete the Thought Question of the assigned Activity (see next item)


    Thought Questions:

    -one Thought Question must be completed each week (we’re looking for quality over quantity)

    -the Thought Question will come from an Activity assigned to all my students (this will give us a way to compare the quality of their work to their peers)

    -a missing Thought Question will result in a 10-point deduction from their weekly KidBiz score

    -students will complete the Thought Question by Thursday when they will peer review it and make corrections in class

    -each student’s Thought Question response will be printed in class Friday morning to be graded; they will be graded using the same rubric the state uses for their FSA writing assessment (Purpose, Focus, & Organization—4 points; Evidence & Elaboration—4 points; Conventions of Standard English—2 points)


    “First Try” Scores:

    -students should be earning 75% or higher on their “first try” score if they are reading carefully and putting forth their best effort; it is an “open-book” test as the articles are able to be accessed throughout the Activities and the articles are differerentiated for each student's reading level

    -all “first try” scores at 88% or higher will get a treat (to qualify, all scores must be over 75% & the assigned Activity and its Thought Question are completed)

    -if all scores are 88% and higher, then a "bonus" treat is earned as well



    -they should email other students ONLY to recommend a story


    In order to maximize growth, students must complete the five steps listed below:

    Step 1: Respond to the Before Reading Poll.
    Step 2: Read through the Vocabulary and then the Article.
    Step 3: Do the Activity Questions.
    Step 4: Respond to the After Reading Poll.
    Step 5: Answer the Thought Question--for the assigned Activity only.


    Throughout the week, KidBiz3000 will send lessons. Every student in the class gets the same basic lesson, but the content is customized to match each child's own reading level. The lesson comes with a variety of fun activities to improve your child's comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. As your child's reading level improves, KidBiz will increase the level of difficulty so that s/he remains challenged and interested. Doing his or her best on the activities will ensure the best match between your child's ability and the content delivered. It is also important that your child's answers to the questions reflect work completed independently and without extra assistance. 

    It is really important that s/he read through the vocabulary first.  It is equally important that s/he responds to each and every portion of the assigned Thought Question.


    RED FLAGS that your child might not be doing his/her best work:

    -Extremely low first-try scores since the program is leveled for your child’s current reading ability   

    -Much disparity between first-try score & second-try score (probably just guessing instead of going back in the article to find the answers; you can find these scores on the weekly reports sent home in the Work Folder)

    -Lexile decreasing rather than increasing


    If used as intended, your child’s reading and writing abilities will really soar.  This is very exciting for them to see throughout the year.


    Thank you for all you do to help your child grow academically!


    Debra Miller